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Francophone Yukoners
Sourdough Air Display, 1971-2006
Yukon Barristers Roll
Pioneer Cemetery, 1900-1965
Yukon River Basin, Deaths and Burials, 1887-2007
Grey Mountain Cemetery, 1960-1976
Yukon News Obituary Index, 1966-2005
Missing in the Klondike, 1898-1958
Yukon Businesses
Census 1891 & 1901: First Nations Communities
Whitehorse Star Weddings, Births & Deaths, 1964-1965
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Members of the Arctic Brotherhood
Victims of the killer avalanche on the Chilkoot in 1897-98
S.S. Canadian Islander Victims
Benjamin Craig
Dawson Daily News Golden Clean up Edition, 1902
Dawson Council members
Placermining Applications Vol 1
Placermining Applications Vol 2
Doctor's Names
Firemen's Names
Dawson City mortuary records, 1898-1938
Women of the Golden North Fraternal Organization
Dawson residents, 1896-1920
Northwest Mounted Police Employees
Polks Gazetteer 1903 directory
Polk's Alaska-Yukon Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1917/1918
People associated with churches
Sourdough Stampede Association members
Pupils at St. Mary's school
Victims of the marine disaster with S.S. Princess Sophia 1918
Steamboats plying Yukon River
NWMP records at Chilkoot Vol 1
NWMP records at Chilkoot Vol 2
NWMP records at Chilkoot Vol 3
NWMP records at Lake Bennett & Tagish Vol 1
NWMP records at Lake Bennett & Tagish Vol 2
NWMP records: Yukon River steamships passenger
Yukon Order of Pioneers

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Yukon Archives Genealogy Database Search Results

Yukon Archives Genealogy Database Source
No records in this dataset
The Yukon Residents database includes permanent and temporary names of Yukon residents who lived or worked in the Yukon from 1894 to 1958. The names were compiled from a limited number of archival resources (ie. Anglican Church band lists, government records, and manuscripts) plus library sources (regimental histories, 1935 town directory & telephone directories, etc.). The database currently includes only Yukon residents living in the central and southern Yukon. Residents living in the northern Yukon (such as Old Crow, Rampart House, etc.) have not been entered due to time constraints. View the sources

Specialty Database Search Results

Francophone Yukoners Source
No records in this dataset
This database provides an index to 2495 francophone Yukoners who lived and worked in the Yukon from 1825-1950. The Association franco-yukonnaise published the book 'Empreinte: la presence francophone au Yukon (1825-1950)' in 1997. The book includes brief profiles of some of the people listed in it. The database provides access to the print copy by name and page on which the person is listed. Can be searched by surname, given name, page and call number."

Yukon Archives has a print copy of 'Empreinte: la presence francophone au Yukon (1825-1950)', located at 929.371 91 Empr (2 vol. set).
Sourdough Air Display, 1971-2006 Source
No records in this dataset
The Sourdough Air Display has become one of the largest civilian airshows that is held annually in Canada. The database was created to list all the 3075 personnel and planes that have been at the show since 1974 during the Sourdough Rendezvous week. Information on the first three shows (1971-1973) isn't available either in the print or electronic copy.

The Yukon Archives has a print copy ‘Sourdough Air Display, 1971-2006', which has extra information on the Air Display, located at 797.5 SAD
Yukon Barristers Roll Source
No records in this dataset
This database was copied from the original Yukon Barristers Roll that has been maintained by the Supreme Court Chambers since 1898. The computerized roll lists 831 lawyers who have practiced in the Yukon from 1898 to 1997 and provides information on date of birth, date of death, place of birth, university attended, etc. Can be searched by surname, given name, date of call/certificate#, and call number.

The Yukon Archives has a computer printout of the Yukon Barristers Roll located at PAM 1997-0238.
Pioneer Cemetery, 1900-1965 Source
SurnameGiven NamesDeath DateAgeCemeteryCall Number
ADAMSJ02 Jul 193882Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ADAMSONThomas18 Aug 195667Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ADCOCKHerbert William "Ad"10 Sep 195975Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
AFFLECKGeorge Campbell18 Feb 195966Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ALLAIREAlbert10 Jun 195958Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ALLENG M191252Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ALLENJohn03 Oct 193077Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ALLISONLeonard Frederick07 Mar 196034Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ALMSTROMMarion Edward08 Aug 196047Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ANDERSON?02 May 1959n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ANDERSONEdward Hillier29 Oct 195428Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ANDERSONJ D19590Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
APPLEYARDRichard Frederick02 Aug 194953Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ARMSTRONGWilliam01 Jan 192758Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ARPHenry13 Oct 194176Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ARTHURAlexander16 Aug 196145Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ATKINSONWilliam Henry22 Jun 193170Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
AUBREYJoseph12 Jun 190832Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
AUSTINbaby12 Dec 19420Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
AUSTONMarion06 Apr 195434Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
AUSTONRobert13 Mar 196246Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
AUSTONWilfred11 Mar 19543Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
AVARTPaul Henri22 Jan 195142Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BAKERCarol Beth25 May 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BAKERG P19500Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BANKSA195255Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BANKSHugh07 Mar 195360Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BARNICHLouis15 Dec 191740Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BARRDonald E23 Nov 196332Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BARRETTGeorge01 May 196377Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BARRETTMargaret Mrs21 Jun 196463Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BARTONJohn Edward Austin29 Jan 190832Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BAYNels Christian A16 Feb 194768Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BAYLORCharles Arthur31 Mar 190636Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BEAUCHAMPBlanche28 Feb 191340Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BEAUCHAMPJoe Mrs26 Apr 192656Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BEAULIEUJean-Marie29 May 195331Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BEAUMONTbaby (1 of 2)19450Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BEAUMONTbaby (2 of 2)19450Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BECKERTheodore(b) 12 Jan 193883Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BERKERA21 Mar 191726Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BERNICKLouis15 Dec 191740Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BERRIGANMartin27 Feb 195078Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BERRYHarry24 Jul 194780Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BESNERKenneth28 Mar 19612Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BESSINGERFlorence Ellen02 Dec 195660Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BIDDLEAlbert Victor07 Jul 195265Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BILESGeorge W (S/Sgt.)02 Dec 1942n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BILOWFred Carl Edward06 May 195833Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BINDLEYArthur Lee05 Nov 190546Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BIRCHHugh Bernard Ashton19 Sep 195667Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BIRNIEAdam26 Apr 194171Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BITTERELL J191145Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BLACKMark Anthony23 Nov 19570Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BLACKMartha Louise01 Nov 195791Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BLAKEREthel Violet Mrs01 Nov 196174Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BLAKERPhilip Munday20 Feb 196079Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BLANCHARDJohn03 Feb 195664Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BLIVERSSam03 Sep 191177Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BLUWEISSSam03 Sep 191177Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BOADWAYG W09 Oct 195577Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BOKOVICHTom30 Sep 191535Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BONDJ194456Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BORGESONWalter03 Mar 196434Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BORGUNDAAGSven05 Aug 196577Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BORWICKDuncan05 May 194764Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BOURNEJulian Paul20 Jul 193557Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BRADYGeorge17 Nov 190237Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BRAMEAlbert Leonard27 Sep 196026Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BRAMEAlbert Leonard Jr16 Nov 19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BRATVOLDSpencer Wayne Henry11 Nov 19548Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BRETHOWWilliam Herbert17 Dec 191740Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BRIDGEbaby14 Oct 19540Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BRODHAGENCharles J26 Mar 196083Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BROOMEJohn06 Jan 196242Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BROWNAfe07 Jul 195369Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BROWNCharlieJan 19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BROWNEffie15 Oct 194828Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BROWNJames R11 Oct 190052Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BROWNJohn Douglas05 Dec 19550Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BROWNStephen Raymond07 Feb 19630Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BROWNThomas12 Oct 190760Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BRUCEA G06 Dec 193886Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BUCKLEYElizabeth Mrs16 Nov 195226Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BUCKLEYGeorge16 Nov 195218Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BUCKLEYRichard Emmerson16 Nov 19523Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BURBANKOscar05 May 192788Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BURGEESTSyd23 Oct 191830Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BURNETTFrederick James "Bunny"12 Apr 193357Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BURNSJohn17 May 19110Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BURNSIDER A194913Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BURTEwart C194750Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BURTONSherry Lee28 Aug 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
BUSHELLHelen06 Jun 192646Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CADDYDale23 Sep 19440Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CADDYViolet Ethel May Mrs25 Sep 195065Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CAINEdmund Stanley08 Dec 194173Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CALLISONFred CNov 196176Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CALVILLAmbroise09 Jan 195845Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CAMPClifford22 Jan 19470Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CAMPBELLClarence Cohen196543Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CAMPBELLDaniel C26 Jun 191863Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CAMPBELLIsabell08 Sep 191155Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CAMPBELLJean (Jackson)09 May 192929Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CAMPBELLLucy Mrs07 Aug 1956n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CANEEdmund Stanley08 Dec 194173Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CANEMargaret06 Sep 190441Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CAREWE19590Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CARLICKLinda16 Jul 19620Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CARMICHAELbaby26 Aug 19080Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CARTERWalter R09 Apr 196467Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CARTIERFrederich23 Jun 195567Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CARUSORalph11 Aug 1952n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CARVELLAndrew16 Jun 195367Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CASEJames05 May 194652Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CASH baby19190Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CASSANTG192168Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CASSEVENTGeorge30 Mar 192168Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CEDERBERGGladys Clarinda (Davis)24 Jun 193435Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHAISSONJoan May28 May 19530Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHAMBERSErnest Carl27 Apr 19421Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHAMBERSGeorge26 Mar 1943n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHAMBERSGeorgen/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHAMBERSHarry12 May 192971Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHAMBERSRoy03 Aug 19403Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHAYKOWSKYChristiana "Christine"01 Aug 19533Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHEESMANSandra G16 Apr 19490Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHINERYbaby13 May 19120Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHOMCEYRemona Lee18 Jan 19570Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CHRISTIANSONCarl29 Sep 1906n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CLARKEBrock Somerset16 Nov 19160Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CLARKESomerset Brock16 Nov 19160Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CLETHEROElizabeth01 Nov 19420Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CLETHEROEBeverley Betty26 Oct 19544Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CLETHEROERalph21 Sep 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CLETHEROERoy14 Sep 19580Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CLETHEROEWilliam James27 Jun 195376Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CLIFFORDErnest11 Jul 195265Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CLOSERichard Clark13 Aug 19650Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COLLINSRobert21 Mar 191732Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COMANWarren Eugene19 Jul 191213Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COMBSJn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COMEAUMary Mrs27 Dec 195861Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CONNJames Benson11 Jun 196258Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CONNELLYWilliam A26 Jun 196364Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CONWAYKatharine Mrs16 Nov 195048Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COOKHenry30 Sep 1915n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COOKLeslie "Les"04 Dec 194234Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COOMBSDavid Franklin03 Sep 19634Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COPLANDWilliam Shrubfole03 May 195176Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CORBETTJames Hadden22 Oct 191765Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COULTERHarold03 Mar 19230Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COULTERWinifred Marigold03 Mar 19230Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COUTTSCatherine08 Jun 195576Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COUTUREAlbert14 Oct 194655Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COWARDCatherine (Martin)26 Oct 195880Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COWARETKathleen Adeline (Martin)26 Oct 195880Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
COWPERL C29 Sep 1906n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CRESTCharles04 Apr 194775Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CREYKEStanley29 Nov 19580Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CRICKI196349Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CRISSELLPercy25 Jun 190825Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CURIALDenis22 Oct 19502Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CURRANTerence F "Teddy"09 Aug 191845Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CURRIEAddie Pinkham31 May 192653Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CURRIEbaby19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CURRIESarah16 Oct 195255Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CURRYWilliam I17 Dec 19550Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CURTISJ C19040Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CUSTANCEKenneth Charles Musgrave22 Feb 195439Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CYRAntoine10 Jul 194675Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CYRLucy Dianne01 Nov 19480Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
CYRMichael02 Feb 193376Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DAHLEarling Allen25 Jul 195956Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DAHLScottie05 Aug 196377Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DAILGeorge12 May 195499Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DALEDudley12 Sep 194353Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DALEYMatthew07 Apr 1902n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DALLGeorge12 May 195499Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DANIELSONOlav 07 Mar 196260Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DAVISE R190220Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DAVISGladys Clarinda24 Jun 193435Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DAWSONLois May11 Sep 19560Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DeCUYPERMarie23 Sep 1906n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DENNISONLionel Harold21 Jan 196555Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DESORMEAUXJ Phillippe C13 Jul 196356Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DesROSIERSRussell08 Aug 19640Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DETRAYM194779Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DEVORENina Fox Mrs15 Sep 194042Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DIBBLEEWilliam19 Jan 191365Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DICKSONThomas16 Apr 193960Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DICKSONDonald04 Dec 194228Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DICKSONClarence Russell14 Oct 195028Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DICKSONJohnn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DIXONClarence Russell14 Oct 195028Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DIXONG M Mrs196364Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DODDREDGEJohn11 May 191441Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DOEYJudy May15 Jul 19572Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DOHNERM A192255Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DORISbaby03 Jan 19640Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DOUGHERTYClyde Longworth09 Jul 19060Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DOUGHERTYP J 30 Apr 190155Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DOWDCarl John09 Feb 195454Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DRAINEKatherine05 Aug 1902n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DRAYMANDimetro28 Jan 195977Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DRUGGANCharles William24 Sep 196324Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DRURYSarah24 Feb 1945n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DRURYWilliam Stephenson21 Sep 195382Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DUMONTIERFrancis X23 Sep 1921n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
DYCKS M19630Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
EARLE?193472Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
EARLERobert(b) 1936n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
EATONRoy25 Aug 191634Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ELDENKelvin02 May 19580Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ENGELDana19620Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ERMINGERAndrew28 Jan 193332Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ESTRADAFelix21 Apr 190418Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FISHERBradley Todd07 Aug 19620Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FLYNNRay20 Sep 194518Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FOGELGeorge W31 Oct 196437Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FORRESTEmil J20 Aug 196071Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FORRESTERJohn23 Apr 194650Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FORSBERGWalter Gordon12 Nov 196447Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FORTIERCarole22 Jul 19480Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FRANKSidney Bernard07 Jan 192649Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FRANTZENHn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FRASERMavis Gladys18 Sep 195933Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FRENCHWilliam Robertson16 May 195375Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FRIEGONRobert James14 Jul 196336Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FRIENDElizabeth Patmore12 May 196190Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FROEMUELLERWilliam11 Dec 192779Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FROMMILLERWilliam11 Dec 192779Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FULLERThomas06 Sep 192853Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
FUSCHLAGG?190145Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GAGNEPhileas02 Jun 195685Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GAMBLESamuel05 Mar 192162Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GARCIAJoseph20 Sep 194321Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GARLANDbaby boyn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GARLANDbaby girln/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GARLANDtwin babies25 Jul 19010Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GEARYJames Irwin24 May 195888Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GEMMELLWilliam A14 Dec 19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GEORGEMargaret Clara Mrs17 Jul 1958n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GIANNAPOLUSJames24 Jul 1942n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GIBBENJohn Edward28 Jan 195863Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GIBSONAndrew H28 Jan 195775Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GIBSONLena MacPherson Mrs25 Oct 196076Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GIDEONEdward W27 Oct 192563Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GILCHRISTJean12 Jul 192828Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GILLIESNorman McDonald12 Dec 195852Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GILLISDan Mrs18 Sep 193358Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GILLISF M190616Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GILLISFlorence04 Jun 190815Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GILLISJohn21 Oct 196147Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GILLISNorman McDonald12 Dec 195852Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GOODMerridte10 Jan 19620Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GOODMANHarry Ben08 May 195962Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GORDONJohn Willis03 Feb 19430Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GORDONLorraine Sophie24 Nov 19412Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GORDONWayne15 Mar 19480Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GRAHAMJames L M24 Dec 196139Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GRAINGERW09 May 190745Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GRANTHector30 Oct 195945Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GRANTHector Norman "Sandy"04 Mar 1951n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GRANTRobert W25 Dec 194529Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GRANTWatkins William01 Sep 195272Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GRAYFred W26 Jul 194661Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GRAYG N Mrs20 Sep 194662Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GREYLulu Belle Mrs13 Aug 195048Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
GURNETTbaby19 Sep 19560Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HALLGeorge Leonard06 Jun 196150Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HALLMarvin21 May 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HAMACHEREphrim J29 Oct 193579Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HAMILTONHugh08 Jul 190740Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HAMMONDSusan Mary15 Aug 19553Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HANEYTom21 Jun 194462Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HARBOTTLE?Oct 1943n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HARERoss Alexander23 Sep 19621Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HARGRAVESusan Grace22 Apr 19650Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HARPERC S (Sgt)11 Dec 192241Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HARRINGTONRussel19534Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HARTSONLars "Swede"11 Apr 196251Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HAYDENAlice31 Aug 194122Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HAYDENMay04 Mar 194419Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HAYDENRita Beverley16 Oct 19420Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HAYDONEdward Raymond195320Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HECKELRosie10 Jun 190126Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HENSLEYEdward16 Sep 1938n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HENSLEYElla Isabella22 Mar 193552Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HIBBECK-SCHMIDTMariane11 Nov 196438Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HICKGeorge27 Dec 19160Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HICKSEdmund06 Nov 190225Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HOBURGOtto03 Jul 195749Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HOGLENWalter05 May 194772Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HORSFALL?31 Dec 194381Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HORSFALLJulia03 Aug 195989Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HOTALINGHarry13 Aug 190464Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HOWARDDavid A L15 Nov 196455Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HOWELLJeffrey Kenneth01 Nov 19570Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HOWELLMichael George03 Mar 19590Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HUENERalph D19 Oct 195836Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HUGGARDHarvey J11 Aug 196055Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HULBERTWilliam R25 Apr 191066Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HUMEL193825Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HURSTHarvey Roy14 Oct 195545Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
HUTCHINSONHelen22 Nov 193164Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
IRVINEClaude29 Jun 193968Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
IRVINEEthel May05 Mar 19423Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
IRVINEHelen (Hutchinson)22 Nov 193164Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
IRVINEPatricia04 Jan 19471Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JACKSONFrank Horatio Rex04 Sep 195149Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JACKSONGeorge05 Aug 19100Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JACKSONJean09 May 192929Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JACKSONStella16 Apr 194168Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JACKSONThomas05 Nov 194972Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JACOBSDarrell13 Oct 19570Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JAMESRalph Edward19 Dec 195546Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JARVISMary Ellen01 Sep 19560Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JARVISNorman11 Dec 19580Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JENSENGenevieve28 Apr 196465Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JENSENGerhard16 Feb 196153Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHANNESKerry Paul11 Oct 19552Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNATHONDorothy31 Dec 194313Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONArthur16 Dec 193267Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONCharles13 Oct 190135Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONEllis16 Dec 196171Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONErnest16 Jan 194170Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONGeorge M10 Jun 196375Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONGregory Keith03 Apr 19480Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONNils05 Sep 196364Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONP19430Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONReginald Herbert08 Oct 194936Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSONSheila Erayne06 Oct 19490Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOHNSON-WATSONAngela Marie15 Aug 19650Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JONESGary L06 Nov 19520Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JONESJ O195172Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JONESRobert04 Aug 195882Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOYCEDorcas Mrs16 Dec 191833Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JOYCEGilbert09 May 190727Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JULESFrank George 07 Apr 19550Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
JUONSSONRichardn/a53Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KAIRNSJ Mrs195227Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KALAJohn12 Sep 191432Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KAMAYAMAbaby20 Aug 19140Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KARENSGwendoline03 Mar 195244Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KARSETFern Margaret Mrs16 Feb 196436Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KARSKICCharles05 Feb 193349Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KASCHFrederick20 Feb 195361Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KAWCHUCKAnn CatharineJul 195953Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KEATINGThomas Albert16 Apr 195656Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KEHOEWilliam S25 Mar 196055Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KELBALinda Jean04 July 19546Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KELLERStanley Clayton06 Oct 196147Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KELLYSteven24 May 19583Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KELSEYRuth28 May 191346Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KENNEDYElizabeth Maxine30 Sep 195138Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KERRUISHT27 Jan 1944n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KETTLESONJohn Thoresuis02 Mar 195664Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KILBURNRoy20 Jul 195258Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KINSLOWPatrick30 Sep 191555Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KISCHJohn18 Oct 196154Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KISHJohn18 Oct 196154Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KITCHENS W Mrs20 Jun 192652Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KNAPPJoseph07 Jul 195279Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KNAZOVICHMike21 Mar 191738Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KNUDSENJoseph Hayden Emanuel21 Sep 195269Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KOCHYLEMAMichael26 Jan 19650Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KOJOMOTOK "Henry"15 Aug 191346Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KOJOMOTOKumasaburo14 Nov 1907n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KOLOFFThomas30 Nov 193351Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KREFTCn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KROIDERMichael10 Oct 196467Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KULANGraham Malcolm18 Oct 19570Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
KUSTERDieter09 Oct 19630Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
L'HIRONDELLEPeter10 Oct 19500Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LACEYJames Frederick07 Jul 194961Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LACEYJohn L07 Jul 194963Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LaFONTAINEPeter28 Oct 196261Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LALONDEHarold O14 Oct 195852Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LAMONTWorthy C01 Mar 194870Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LANCTOTR19570Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LANEGeorge30 Sep 191555Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LANKINSEmer23 Dec 194147Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LANKTREEWilliam Spencer06 Jun 190429Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LANTITSPatricia01 May 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LANTITSPeter D01 May 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LaROSEAlphonse20 Jun 190838Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LaROSEEugene20 Jun 190825Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LARSENHannah12 Jun 193413Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LARSENIrene05 Mar 196463Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LARSENOle Fred09 Mar 192471Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LARSENSune01 Jan 194442Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LAURIDSENAnna Katrina12 Feb 195790Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LAVERDIERENoel09 Aug 194673Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LAZZARINIAntonio07 Jun 191444Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LEEHarold Iden01 Mar 195742Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LEITNERAlice Marie16 Jun 196424Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LEITNERFrank25 May 196567Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LELIEVREJoe23 Feb 196497Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LELIEVREJoseph MrsJul 1937n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LEONARDTimotheous16 Aug 1901n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LERNERAdam18 Jun 195946Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LEVICHV21 Mar 191748Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LEWISCarol Ann20 Feb 19492Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LEWISD T19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LEWISRobert Evans19 Apr 19140Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LIMBONels01 Jul 194772Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LINDGus19 Nov 195080Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LINDSTROMSven27 Nov 196265Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LIVINGSTONEMargaret06 Sep 190441Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LORDbaby17 Mar 19560Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LOUGHGeorge20 Dec 191360Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LUCASAndrew03 May 196162Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LUCIERTheresa A16 Jan 19650Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LUKACAndrew03 May 196162Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
LUNDAndy26 Feb 191740Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MAC?n/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MacARTHURbabyn/a0Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MacDONALDCharles E12 Oct 1901n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MacDONALDDougal30 Mar 19500Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MacIVERK192971Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MacLEANRoy09 Feb 196027Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MacLEODCharlotte "Lottie" Mrs22 Apr 196472Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MacPHERSONHerbert Grant19 Jan 194469Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MacPHERSONJohn10 Feb 194483Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MADDOCKMaureen06 Oct 19470Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MADDOCKSPatrick John12 May 19522Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MAGNUSSONDavid19534Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MAHERWilliam21 May 193466Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MAHONEYWilliam27 Aug 195356Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MALONEYMichael22 Aug 19640Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARCOTTEJ E11 Jan 193978Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARIONDora10 Mar 194846Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARKSNina Marie09 May 194240Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARQUISHenry20 Jul 1923n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARSHALLHeather Katherine26 Mar 19620Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARSHALLKathryn A06 Aug 196278Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARSHALLWilliam05 Jun 194165Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARTINAlfred25 Jul 195956Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARTINB19601Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARTINBruce Frank Michael28 Jan 19580Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARTINFred G01 Nov 194330Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARTINGeorge09 Oct 1901n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARTINJohn Thomas03 May 190319Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARTINKathleen A26 Oct 195880Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARTINMary19 Mar 190997Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MARTINWilliam09 Sep 191630Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MATHERHarry03 Nov 195057Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MATHESONGeorge B31 Oct 190967Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MATTSONCatherine Anne23 Dec 196446Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MAYBEEOwen09 Sep 191460Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McALLISTERWalter14 Sept 195368Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McAULEYWilliam Francis28 Aug 194973Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McCANNEYPatrick31 May 194522Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McCARNEYEdward03 May 195434Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McCARTHYMichael "Mickey"14 May 196077Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McCLEERYR(b) 1954n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McCONNELLCharles22 Sep 194674Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McCONNELLPatricia10 Apr 19480Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McCUERobert14 Apr 195548Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McDADEGeorge C20 Oct 195481Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McDIARMIDRobert Charles28 Jan 19570Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McDONALDDavid Howard28 Dec 196453Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McDONALDPeter Alexander23 Apr 196256Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McDONNELLAngus Joseph13 Feb 195441Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McDOUGALRn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McEACHERANAngus Bernard05 Oct 190630Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McFADDENThomas M21 Mar 191733Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McGARRYJames06 Aug 195728Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McGILLIVARYJohn05 Jun 196171Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McINTYREDavid Ross01 Feb 19580Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKAYbaby29 Jul 19180Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKAYEdwin Myers18 Jul 195629Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKAYI191156Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKAYMargaret20 Oct 196352Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKAYPhilip John28 Mar 194664Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKELLICANFred10 Sep 191645Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKENZIEbaby08 Jul 19110Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKIBBINA L Mrs196371Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKINLAYGeorge Hunter23 Sep 196374Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McKINNONJoseph11 Dec 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McLACHLANGeorge28 Dec 194870Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McLACHLANGeorge A "Mac"Dec 1948n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McLEANArchibald22 Nov 1934n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McLEANEwen17 Jun 195661Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McLEANJune(b) 09 Jan 1956n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McLEANNina Marie (Marks)09 May 194240Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McMILLANMargaret "Maggie"09 Feb 1903n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McMILLANPeter Donald13 Jun 193462Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McMINNDavid29 Jul 196362Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McNABPeter Seggie(b) 07 Nov 1944n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McNAIRGeorge Willard29 May 195336Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
McPHERSONIsabella Mrs09 Apr 195681Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MEAGHERWilliam21 May 193466Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MEASECharles L18 Jan 19550Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MEIERAnn08 Apr 195135Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MEIRAnn08 Apr 195135Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MELISDomenico04 Feb 191445Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MENARDEmilien A "Sparky"26 Mar 196556Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MERCERJohn Mrs16 Aug 191529Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MERVYNMichael Alexander05 Feb 19590Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MILIOSEVICHNickNov 196490Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MILLERCarl28 Aug 196460Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MILLERGeorge Allan03 May 190241Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MILLERJames25 Aug 195976Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MILLERJohn James13 Nov 192053Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MILNEGeorge Henry02 Sep 195442Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MITCHELLbaby05 Jul 19480Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MONTGOMERYElizabeth Moulson "Duchy"23 Jan 195784Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORANAngus23 Jun 195158Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORANAngus16 Jun 195156Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORANJohn21 Feb 196056Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MOREAUCharles Edward26 Mar 196065Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MOREAULetha Bella28 Mar 196069Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORGANEdward29 Sep 1906n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORGANJ19502Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORINJohn M D01 May 19620Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORRISONJohn R28 Sep 1942n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORRISONJane04 Apr 195785Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORRISONJoseph C09 Sep 194548Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORRISONNettie28 Jul 195659Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORROWLeonard W13 Oct 190034Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MORSEbaby08 Dec 19510Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MURPHYKatherine02 Aug 19583Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MURPHYWarren T19 Jan 195065Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MURRAYDonald Smith11 Nov 195639Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MURRAYIan McLeod "Nipper"17 Jun 195329Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MURRAYMary Mrs21 Mar 194964Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MURRAYNorman20 Aug 194976Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MURRAYPhil29 Sep 1906n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MURRAYWilbur I "Barney"04 Jan 195064Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MYERSHenry30 Jul 191023Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
MYRAFreda Kathleen30 Mar 19601Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NAKASHIMAbaby17 Sep 19450Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NAKASHIMALucy15 Oct 19427Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NALAJohn12 Sep 191432Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NELSONHerming W14 Oct 190134Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NELSONJames13 Jul 195855Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NELSONR D26 Jan 194962Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NESIMUCKMax29 Oct 196136Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NICHOLSEdith Grey17 Feb 195371Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NICHOLSONDaniel01 Jan 1943n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NICHOLSONJohn J28 Dec 195049Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NICHOLSONLena20 Jul 196576Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NIELSONBetty Joyce13 Jul 19430Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NIELSONDorothea Serena18 Oct 19300Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NIELSONDorothy May26 Mar 19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NIELSONNels Christian11 Oct 195579Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NIELSONNiels K "Chris"24 Apr 196240Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NIELSONNorman21 Jun 195225Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NIELSONRudolf David08 Jan 19411Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NIELSONWilfred Donald01 May 195821Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NIEMANbaby20 Mar 19630Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NILSONJohn16 Jul 194960Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NOBLEJames27 Aug 195959Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NORDINEEric JohnJan 1960n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NORDSTROMLenard Elaf24 Jul 195023Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
NOTLANDbaby08 Mar 19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
O'CONNORDennis Brian23 July 193456Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ODELLOden10 Feb 196487Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
OFFENHUBERMichael R28 Apr 19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
OJALAToivo16 Aug 195449Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
OLIVERbaby01 Jun 19190Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
OLSONArthur08 Jun 195333Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ONEILLGeorge Edward18 Mar 19500Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
OSTGAARDAlbert13 May 195861Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
OTTOHorst William18 Jan 19370Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
OZENJ19507Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PAGEJames Edmund01 Jun 195450Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PAGE"Paddy"24 Mar 193955Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PALLISTERJean A15 Nov 19556Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PARENTGeorge A15 Aug 194731Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PARENTJames M20 Dec 196464Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PARKINJames Alfred13 Nov 195856Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PARKSFrank George21 Jan 194548Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PARTRIDGEFanny Kate (Pridham)10 Jan 193177Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PARTRIDGEOtto H28 Jun 193073Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PASQUIERMarie22 Sep 1903n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PATERSONBertha Mrs04 Apr 193948Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PAVLOVICHGeorge06 Aug 195658Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PERKINSWilliam15 Apr 190230Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PERRINLillian Ann24 Dec 195548Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PETERSONIrene17 Mar 19560Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PETERSONRonald E "Pete"13 Sep 195730Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PETERSONStanley17 Dec 19608Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PETIOTPeter A03 Mar 195644Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PETTIFORbaby01 Oct 19480Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PETTIPASBernadine31 Jul 196235Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PHELPSWillard Leroy28 Mar 195183Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PIPERBernadine09 Jul 195659Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PIPERNellie08 Jul 191420Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PORTERRuth Mary "Pinky"06 Aug 193812Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
POULINAnn Gwen13 Aug 19550Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
POVASSWilliam19 Mar 193050Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
POWELLFrank C16 Nov 195650Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
POWELLWilliam David12 Sep 195034Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PRIDHAMFanny Kate10 Jan 193177Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PRIVETTDavid Andrew16 Nov 19580Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PULSIFERWellfley03 Feb 196274Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
PUROAbel06 Dec 196357Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
QUOCKFloyd Darrell12 Dec 19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
QUOCKJoseph04 Nov 19590Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RACHELMary Tofield16 Mar 195751Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RAGOTJoseph Gabriel10 Sep 195550Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RANTAFred14 Sep 191431Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RAUJosephine26 Mar 19550Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RAYIrving23 Sep 195248Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RAYMONDGeorge V23 Jul 19170Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
REGEHRWilliam Henry22 Sep 19570Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
REIDMary Goswell19 Mar 191834Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
REIDGeorgen/a68Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
REIDDaniel C27 Nov 195164Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
REPKEKerry John13 Jul 19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RICHARDSBernadine (Piper)09 Jul 195659Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RICHARDSCn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RICHARDSEric Edenson Coke02 Jun 195270Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RICHARDSThomas Cecil26 Jul 194223Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RICHARDSThomas Cecil09 Nov 196169Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RICHENbaby09 Nov 19060Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RICKSKADOle24 Jun 1901n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RIESDebbie L10 May 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROACHJ K19542Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROBERTSAda08 Jan 191613Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROBERTSDonald09 Oct 19572Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROBERTSLouisa Jane Mrs16 Jun 191144Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROBINSONHazel02 Oct 19090Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROBINSONLaurence30 Apr 195345Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROCHONAlice Glee "Sunny" Mrs04 Aug 195634Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROCKYbaby26 Jul 19500Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROGERSRobert Lewis04 May 194871Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROILESHenry "Shorty"10 May 196585Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROSEbabyn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROSEFranklin "Roth"18 Feb 196522Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROSEGeorge McKay02 Jun 196271Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROSENBAUGHbaby28 Jan 19180Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROSENBERGNellie (Piper)08 Jul 191420Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROSSAngus21 Mar 194478Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROSSLena04 Nov 195379Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ROWANR J Mrs21 Dec 1948n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RUNDAFred14 Sep 191431Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RYDERGeorge15 Dec 195055Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RYDERHarold Edward13 Dec 19280Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
RYDERRoland02 Oct 192370Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SABORNEBeatrice Mrs13 Sep 196479Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SABORNEEugene16 Feb 195651Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SABORNEJames12 May 195576Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SALVATORIVingenzo02 Apr 191571Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SANDERSRichardMay 194277Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SARNEYWilliam S01 May 19520Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SAUNDERSRichardMay 194277Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCHLAGFrank11 May 190145Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCHULTZJoseph P30 Apr 190138Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCOTT?n/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCOTT?n/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCOTTGeorge30 Nov 191750Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCOTTJames14 Aug 195876Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCOTTJohn20 Jul 190751Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCOTTJohn07 Jan 196157Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCOTTJohn Henderson24 Oct 192862Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SCOTT Tn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SEAMSAl14 Oct 194655Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SEELEYAlexander28 Aug 195779Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SELLARJohn05 Oct 1900n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SENECHALLouis08 Feb 195763Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SHABALAAnnie May12 Nov 196253Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SHADWELLFlora Whittington12 Oct 19049Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SHADWELLHoward Brockway14 Oct 190450Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SHARPJohn Harved 01 Aug 19040Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SHEAAnn21 Sep 196053Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SHERIDANLeo25 Sep 196446Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SIGURDSONHerman19 Nov 196146Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SIMLETTJustina Laura20 Aug 193146Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SIMMONSLester12 Aug 195663Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SIMPSONJohn Cowan28 Jul 195964Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SIMPSONKathy Colleen04 Jun 19640Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SIMPSONLeah15 May 19620Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SIMPSONLisa15 May 19620Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SKELLYGilbert29 Jan 195276Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SLESZYNSKICasimire "Casey"19 Sep 195960Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SMALLRobertn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SMALLRoland (Lieut.)09 Aug 1942n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SMITHBrian Morris09 Oct 195045Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SMITHFrancis28 Sep 19550Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SMITHGladys22 Jul 195520Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SMITHJames A18 Dec 195465Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SMITHJohn29 Sep 1906n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SMITHWilliam James 23 Nov 19510Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SNUREDaniel G29 Jun 194077Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SOIMANIllarion Peter "Harry"17 Oct 196065Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SOMERTONA E19279Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SPREADBURYE Alfred22 Nov 191446Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STANLAKESidney L09 Jul 1951n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STARKCharles Daniel05 Oct 19609Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STEEVESAlmon03 Oct 194844Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STEVENSONJohn Cochrane "Curly"11 Nov 195950Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STEWARTHance Rhodes13 Apr 192568Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STEWARTJoseph04 Sep 195253Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STRANDFelix Patricia (Tobin)29 Oct 195842Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STRANDMarie Alexandrid "Pat" (Tobin)29 Oct 195842Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STREETWalter21 Jul 191655Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STRICHERRobin Ann14 May 19620Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STRONGGerald Keith10 Mar 195642Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
STRONGVincent Barry01 Jun 19600Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SUCHYCharles24 Nov 1912n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SUITSJohn Burchell28 May 196276Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SULLIVANDennis George "Mort"03 Oct 196442Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SULLIVANMark11 Aug 190148Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SWANSONLudwig25 Jun 194482Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SWANSONOscar Gunnar23 Jan 195856Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SWARTZAlbert27 Feb 195086Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SWITZERWilliam Irwin05 Aug 1953n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
SZILAGYIAttila30 Mar 196452Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TADICHMilos "Big Mike"17 Jun 196073Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TAKAMATSULarry Jim06 May 19323Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TAYLORDonna Lea23 Jun 19560Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TAYLORGeorge L23 Oct 191554Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TAYLORHerbert Edward "Bert"Sep 1964n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TAYLORIssac12 Jun 195995Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TAYLORMary01 May 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TAYLORMary A02 Feb 19080Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TAYLORSarah (Drury)24 Feb 1945n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TAYLORW H23 Apr 190451Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
THEEDbaby02 Mar 19500Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
THOMASAudreyn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
THOMASCharles Victor10 May 194147Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
THOMASJennie13 Dec 195872Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
THOMASRoderick24 Dec 194075Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TICEJohn Paul04 Jul 1942n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TOBINFelix Patricia29 Oct 195842Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TOBINMarie Alexandrid "Pat"29 Oct 195842Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TOMASEKCharles22 Jan 194545Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TRACYLouis20 Aug 195532Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TREPPCasper16 Dec 195525Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TRUDEAUbaby19560Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TURNERBella "Bertha"09 Jul 190426Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TURNERJohn29 Mar 190561Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TURVEYJulia Mrs10 Sep 194090Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TUSONbaby19590Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
TWISTVincent09 Apr 195934Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VALENTINEAlexander195266Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VALENTINEDave24 Jun 190130Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VAN GORDERDel Charles21 Nov 195378Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VAN RAAIJTheodorus Bernardus Henry19 Dec 1954n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VANCEEvelyn23 Aug 195736Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VANHORNC C196369Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VANHORNC E Mrs196365Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VARTYbaby19570Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VEALEGrace Alixina Mrs20 Aug 1950n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VELTONFrederick13 Mar 194947Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VIAUXAnna Katrina "Kathleen" (Lauridsen)12 Feb 195790Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VINALLionel A02 Mar 194260Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
VINESLionel Austin31 Jan 194135Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WAGNERJeanine M07 Apr 195832Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALINGunnar02 Apr 196355Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALKERG A194655Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALKERHarryn/an/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALKERJohn Alexander05 May 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALKEROlive May Mrs27 Oct 194148Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALKERSamuel Ellery02 Sep 191369Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALKERSusien/a60Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALLACELaly16 May 190324Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALSHJoseph11 Jan 195675Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALSHWilliam Charles09 Jan 194650Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALTERSGeorge (Pvt.)28 Apr 1942n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WALTERSRufus09 Feb 196443Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WAMBOLTWorden Elmer17 May 195242Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WARRStella16 Apr 194168Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WARWICKbabyn/a0Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WATSONJames06 Jun 195958Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WATSONWilliam J18 May 196583Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WEAVERF L 19 Jun 190665Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WEEKSWendy06 Feb 19610Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WEISEJohn21 Jun 193361Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WELSHJoe29 Sep 1906n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WHEELERPatrick07 May 19460Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WHEELTONbaby23 Dec 19540Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WHELANMamie20 Sep 19020Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WHITEFrank16 Nov 195879Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WHITEThomas Campbell "Cam"09 Apr 195659Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WHITNEYJohn Paton18 Mar 193379Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WICKSTROMOle26 Dec 196374Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILLIAMSErnest19 Oct 190124Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILLIAMSJ O195342Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILLIAMSJohn Owen25 Apr 191142Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILLIAMSJohn Owen24 Jul 194820Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILLIAMSOwen Pierce24 Jul 194820Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILLIAMSRussell James(b) 06 Sep 19352Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILLIGCharles21 Jun 191050Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILLISTONJ M28 Oct 195167Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILSONE D(b) Feb 193770Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILSONElla Mrs17 Mar 194874Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILSONGeorge Wayne14 Apr 195283Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILSONJohn16 Jan 195612Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILSONJoseph West23 Sep 192148Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILSONRoy18 Aug 196154Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WILSONThomas10 Oct 190460Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WISTIVictor17 Apr 191632Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WITTERRobert16 Aug 190739Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WOLFORDGene (Pvt.)23 Nov 1942n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WOODElizabeth Annie Mrs19 Aug 191648Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WOODSJohn 29 Sep 1906n/aPioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WRIGHTJohn06 Dec 196358Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WRIGHTJohn196358Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WUKIONEEmka10 Feb 19630Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WYLIEP19593Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WYLIESheila M Mrs27 Jun 195438Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
WYNENKatherine Ludovica27 Mar 193168Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
YOUNGbaby19520Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
YOUNGDouglas Owen23 Jun 195455Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
ZUKOFFTom21 Mar 191722Pioneer Cemetery (Whitehorse)Ref 929.5 Cro
Pioneer Cemetery, on Sixth Avenue in Whitehorse, had approximately 800 interments between 1900 and 1965. The cemetery was closed in 1965. The burials are documented in a City of Whitehorse publication entitled 'Lost Graves'. Published in 1989, 'Lost Graves' was researched by Margaret (Peg) Crook and Helen Horback and compiled by Norma Felker. It is organized in subsets of church records and for a number of persons it contains additional details such as obituaries from local newspapers. The database provides name, date of death and age of each individual buried. The publication 'Lost Graves' is held at the Yukon Archives and is located at: Ref 929.5 Cro.
Yukon River Basin, Deaths and Burials, 1887-2007 Source
SurnameGiven NamesDeath DateCemeteryCall Number
Aaslund John1926/5/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AdamsWilliam1898-1901UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AdamsHiram Gale1897/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AdamsHenry1907/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AgeeRoy George1901/05/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Ahsenmah1906/12/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Ainall as. Ainalt1905/06/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AlcornRobert Albert1947/09/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AldenRobert 1898/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AlexanderWilliam1900/01/31UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Alfred. as. Silas1960s earlyUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Allan as. AllenMrs. E. B. 1917/11/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AllenJames1920/02/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AllenHarry1959/12/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AllenWilliam1920/7/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AllenStanley1945/10/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Allmark1907/09/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Alton as. Aston as. Anton Robert1899/12/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AmancheRadu1949/8/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AmesRutser Schenck1920/05/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AmesGerald Francis1967/02/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AmosErnest1898/07/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AmuraDawson 1907/06/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Anderson John A.John A.1945/11/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonHarry1920/03/20 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonAndrew 1925/11/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonCarl Joseph1900/04/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonHans1930/04/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonSelva1947/12/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Anderson Andrew T. 1938/11/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonEdward1948/12/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonWilliam1953/09/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonSophie1969/08/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonRoland Lyle1978/06/06 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndersonMary Eva1984/04/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Anderson1900/09/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AndersonFred1925/10/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AndersonAbraham H. 1903/02/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AndersonAndrew1918UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Anderson as. AndrewsMartha1903/06/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Anderson Sr.John1979/08/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AndrewsFrederick Arthur1938/07/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Andrews as. AndersonElla 1908/11/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AngelosLouis1911/09/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AngoodWilliam1898/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Apelanant as. AblanalpJohn1949/05/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ApplegateLawrence1968/09/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Arami as. SamaOtokichi as. Oto1901/08/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ArdernLawrence Leigh1950/09/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ArmstrongRobert1951/12 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ArnettWilliamette1901/02/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ArthurGeorge W.1901/02/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Arthur1914/10/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AshbaughRoderick Leander1910/12/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AshtonEdward Theodore1966/02/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Atcheson as. AychesonGeorge1899/05/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AthertonRaymond1914/03/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AtkinsonJohn 1916/09/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AtwaterBenjamin J.1930/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
AubreyL. Horace1913/07/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
AurdalJennie1909/02/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Austin as. Anton as. Alton1900/12/30 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BabcockJohn1931/05/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bailey Edward1928/09/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BaileyEdward1928/9/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BairdGeorge1935/06/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BairdRobert1937/07/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BairdThomas1905/3/5Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BakerGeorge S.1902/12/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BakkeThomas1930/07/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bakovitch1915/09/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BaltisElizabeth1939/01/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bangs James 1904/08/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BanksSilas A. as. Samuel 1899/02/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bannegan as BanniganPatrick1908/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BarberClarence1971/08/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BarberAgnes Rose1980/3/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Barber as. Heyward as. HaywoodClara1900/12/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BarkerEdward Harmon1961/06/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BarnesCharles Stuart1925/05/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BarnesThomas A.1898/05/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Barnitch1917/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Barry as. BarreyRichard Watson 1937/09/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BartlettEldridge1900/11/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BartonJohn as. James Edward Austin1908/01/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BassettGeorge1899/05/17UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BatesEdward1913/11/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BatesDavid1902/02/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Battolfs as. BottolfsAngus as. Andrew1911/07/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Batty as. BeattyFred1899/11/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BaubetOscar1905/02/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BaxterSusie Elma1913/06/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Bazanovich as. BozanovichMircho 1917/07/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Beaudoin Joseph Guy1902/06/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BeckerTheodore1938/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Beekes as. BeekenJoseph1899/7/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BeersLlewellyn1899/08/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BellWilliam1907/07/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bellias as. Bellos as. Bellois as. BalloisLouis1899/07/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bender as. BendarWilliam1904/03/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bennie as. BenningRobert1899/11/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BensonWilliam1941/12/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BergJohn 1939/08/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BergmanDavid1908/06/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BergstromLars1972/08/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BernardWilliam1936/02/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BernichL.1917-1918UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BerryJames1906/05/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BerryJames1944/06/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BertrandNicholas1922/08/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BestJames1903/08/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BestTremaine1947/07/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BestJean Weir as. Jane1948/03/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BetchAlexander1901/11/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Betts Aprilla 1929/08/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BettsHenry William1949/11/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bird1902/06/15 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BlackJoseph1901/01/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BlackC. B.1925-1926UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BlakerWade T.1905/09/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BlanchardMary1938/11/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BlanchardShirley1959/09/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BlanchardCarol Ann1965/02/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BlanchardJoseph David1974/08/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BlanchardRalph1939/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BlankenshipWilliam H.1903/03/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BlatchGeorge1911/09/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Blivers as. Bleiweiss as. BayvasSamuel1911/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BluthHenry1898/05/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BogartEugene V.1899/07/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Boich as. BarchMichael1930/11/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Boismier as. Boismer as. BeaumierLouis 1902/03/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BologhJoseph1917/06/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BoltonWilliam Henry1909/02/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bolton1897 winterUnknownRef 929.5 Death
BonnerG. A. 1987Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Boo as. SimpsonLeung as. Billy1939/11/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Borland as. BorlundJohn1910/08/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BoskethPeter1933/08/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BourdelaisHenry1919/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BoutellierMaud1967/01/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BouthilletteLeon1902/07/18 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BoutillierHazel Gladys1986/05/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BoutillierHelen Hope2003/01/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BovikOscar1951/01/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BowenJohn W. 1900/08/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BowenColin A.1967/06/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BowerFrederick 1923/04/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BowersRobert1948/05/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BowesWilliam1900/12/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BoydT.1915UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BoyerGertrude1973/05/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Boyer as. BayerFranklin Dorsey1915/11/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BoyleCecil Rhodes1972/01/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BoyleJohn1939/04/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BradleyFannie1899/11/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bradley1899/11/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BradyPeter1981/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Bragwin as. Brangwin as. BrauguinAlbert John1909/05/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BraunHenry1949/08/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Breckenridge William A.1900/11/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Bremner Robert 1927/06/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Bremner as. BrehmerArnold as. Arthur1899/05/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrewittWilliam Clayton1905/08/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrewsterPearl1994UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BriceJohn A.1900/06/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BridgesHarry M.1919/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BroceeMyrtle1898/12/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Brochu1910//11/25UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BrockmanHenry1929/12/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrooksJames1898/06/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BrophyAndrew1895/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BroughtonSamuel1951/01/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrownGeorge W.1904/04/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrownOscar1907/08/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrownJohn1932/02/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrownRobert1899/08/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrownRichard1949/12/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrownPeter1953/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BrownW. H.UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BrownJ. N.UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BrownR. W.1915UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BrownRobert1904/08/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BrownleeClaude1934/01/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BryanEdward Joseph John1936/06/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BryantJames E.1899/01/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BullGeorge 1899/10/10RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
Bullen1977/03/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BunburyJane1969/12/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BunburyCharles 1936/05/31UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BundyAdelbert1920/08/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BundyNellie 1929/07/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BungateJames1953/03/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BurianAmandus1972/03/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BurkeLars1949/05/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BurnettHenry1899/03/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BurnettFrederick1933/04/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Burnett as. BennettWilson J.1915/11/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BurnsJames Henry1903/09/03RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
BurrellWilliam Anderson1952/06/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BurtE. C.1947/04/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
BushJohn1918/10/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
BushCharles 1923/02/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ButeauFred1911/07/28UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ButtenhamJohn1928/11/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ByersRobert H.1898/11/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CadenheadJames A.1898/10/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CadieuxCatherine Adeline 1924/04/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Cadzow Daniel1929/06/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CairnesJohn1917/12/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CalderAlexander 1927/10/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CameronWilliam1903/06/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CameronJohn1917/12/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CameronArchibald 1941/11/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CameronJohn1965/05/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CameronEwen1941/11/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Cameron Murdoch1903/05/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CampbellJohn1913/06/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CampbellGeorge A.1899/09/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CampbellLawerence1948/03/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CampbellPeter1900/04/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CampbellJames1929/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CampbellLloyd 1941UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Capen as. Capon William K.1900/02/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CardStephen1925/05/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Card 1897/05/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Card 1897UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Card CHECK1936/06/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CareyErnest Frank Richardson1950/04/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarlsonThomas1900/07/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarlsonC. W. 1907/03/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarlsonJohn1899/07/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarlsonEmma C.1946/05/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarlsonCharles1947/11/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarltonLuke1925/11/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarneyWilliam 1899/07/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarrFrederick1929/07/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Carr James E.1899/07/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarrollJames F.1944/01/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarsonJoseph1915/08/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarswellPearl 1949/04/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarterFrank1901/12/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CarterEster Myrtle1909/05/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CaseJohn1950/11/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CastoffSamuel1970/02/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CathroWilliam1965/05/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Cavanaugh as. CanavanMichael D.1901/05/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Cavill Robert1907/04/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Chance Louisa Ellen 1907/11/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChandlerW. M.1911/07/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Chandler1952/05/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChapmanOwen 1923/06/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChapmanErnest 1941/01/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChapmanChristine Sarah1960/04/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChapmanChauncey J.1898/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ChartersHugh1950/12/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Chee-cha-ka1912UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Cheechaco1911/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ChefkoiMichael1969/05/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChildsFred1899/11/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChisholmJames Hugh1946/09/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChristiansonRheinhold1967/10/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChristieHoward1898/07/18 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ChuLeung Ding1901/07/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChurchGrace1918/04/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ChurchElla1934/06/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ClairMartin 1901/05/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ClancyMichael1898/05/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ClarkAndrew1902/07/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ClarkWilliam Henry 1905/07/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ClarkAlfred E. as. Albert E.1907/04/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ClarkJohnUnknownRef 929.5 Death
ClarkJohn1930/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ClarkJoseph D.1908UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Clark as. ClarkeGeorge Russell1965/10/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CleggAlfred Bennett1915/03/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Clendinnin as. ClendenninJohn1905/09/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Clindinin as. Clindinnin David E.1922/10/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CoakleyElinor May1964/08/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CobbMargaret A.1936/04/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Coberg as. CoburgCharles1913/11/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CochranI.1912-1917UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ColeHulda Louise 1931/04/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ColeHoward Douglas1940/09/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ColeGeorge Henry 1945/08/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CollinsLeonard T.1901/09/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CollinsWilliam Frederick1917/12/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CollinsEdward E.1912/02/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Colquhoun as. ColquohounRobert A.1899/07/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Coman1917/09/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ComanW.E.1912UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Comom as. ComamWalter as. Warren Eugene1912/07/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Conley as. ConnelleyOwen1903/05/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Conners as. Connors as. ConnersCharles David1908/11/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ConradMary1921/09/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Constance Ralph Smith1926/12/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CookAlexander M.1903/11/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CookAlexander C.1911/03/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CookFrederick Leslie1973/08/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CookJane1993Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CooleyWilliam A.1946/05/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Cooper1901/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CopelandCharles1902/11/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CoppingWilliam Burns1903/05/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CorderyGeorge1943/03/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CornellWilber C. 1911/05/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CornishEmil1964/07/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CouttsCharles James1947/11/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CowanFrank A.1909/06/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CowdenFrank E.1903/09/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CoxMrs. Emil 1938/05/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CoxJames1926/02/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CraigGeorge G. 1939/09/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Cranston A.Henry1915/05/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CrareyDorothy 1911/06/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CrawfordRichard1909/12/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CreavesAda May1943/06/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Crichton as. CreightonGeorge1913/01/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Cristie as. ChristieClara1898/05/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CristofoliniDominick1900/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CrockerAlfred1966/03/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Cronin Helena Elizabeth1913/05/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CronkWilliam1899/03/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Crooks as. CrookMarian1911/09/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CrosbyGeorge1942/10/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CrossThomas1915/01/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CrowdenFrank E.1903/09/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Cruikshank as. CruickshankLouis1940/11/30 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CudlipAlbert J.1907/03/15RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
Cummings1911/06/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Cummings1898/04/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CunninghamAlfred George1909/03/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CunninghamJohn Barrington1922/06/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CunninghamElizabeth1937/07/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Cunningham1911/06/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CurranTerrance F.1918/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CurranW. J.1906/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CurrieJohn1915/10/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CurrieMaud as. Muriel1918/03/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CurrieMrs. Daniel1926/05/31UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CurrierHenry1905/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CurryMartha1905/02/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CurryJoseph H.1910/10/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
CurtinCornelius1900/04/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CurtisA. C.1899/11/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
CurwenFrank1904/06/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DahlJohn1961/11/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DahlmanLouis1898/11/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DahnekeWilliam H.1922/03/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DaleRichard1903/09/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DaleyMichael1902/04/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Dalgleish as. DaglishJames A.1899/01/24UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DanielsMartha1903/05/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DanielsonJ. M.1911UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DanielsonNels1911UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DanielsonOscar1903/05/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DarlingMrs.1898/12/5-11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Darr1916/08/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DaughteryJames1924/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DavenportHerbert1900/07/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavenportErnest1899/09/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavidCharles1945/09/24UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DavidsonCarl W.1898/12/06 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavidsonRobert as. Joseph1905/11/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavidsonWilliam E.1917/12/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Davies as. DavisW. D. as. D. W. 1900/12/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Davig as. Devig Nickloi1936/03/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavisMorgan1904/10/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavisRose1914/06/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavisRichard F.1898/11/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavisGeorge B.1933/02/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavisLilian1937/11/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavisHenry Wesley 1899/08/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavisHenry1899/09/02 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DavisAlice1938/07/17UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DavisJames1900/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DavisMarion1914/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DeanAdam1912/11/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Dease as. DeasNancy Edna1920/09/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DeBastienEva Iren1917/11/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DeBastienAnn1950/02/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DeBastienAnne Duquette1930/10/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DeBastienPaul1952/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Debok Cornelia1908/08/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DeckerJoseph1899/07/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Delebach as. DelabacichGeorge1910/06/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DemarayElectra Ernestine1905/12/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DenslowLouis1904/01/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DeschenesAntoine2001/02/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Desrosiers as. DesRosiersHarra1906/10/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DevineJoseph1938/10/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Devine as. Divine as. DivenAlice1938/06/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DewittFrank E.1919/04/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DickinsonFrank N. 1921/08/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DicksIsrael1907/11/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DicksonThomas A.1939/04/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DiehlR. C. 1910/02/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DillonIda Begilon1936/06/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DinesJohn DawsonUnknownRef 929.5 Death
DingmanRiley1898/11/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DipmanCharles1918/03/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DixonE. D.1901/08/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Dock as. DookKaren 1951/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DodsonCarrie1910/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DomingA. L.1915UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DonaldsonFrank1899/05/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DonardT.1901/08/31UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DonnellanJohn1905/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Donnelly F. Henry1898/10/29RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
DonovanTimothy1924-1925UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Dook as. DukeClara Belle1903/01/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Dook as. Duke1903/01/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DorranceEdward C.1936/11/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DouglasWilliam1915/03/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DriscollHenry John as John Henry1932/10/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Driscow as. DriscollBernard1944/10/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DruganWilliam Charles as. Charles William1951/10/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DruganCharles Walter1958/02/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DruganJames Kenneth1965/06/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DruganGeorgiana 1947/03/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Drummond William Eugene1903/04/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DruryWilliam1915/03/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Drury as. Dewey Henry1913/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DuboisJames1899/07/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DuclosMalvina1904/10/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Dudigny as. Dudigy George1900/12/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DuforGilbert1902/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DuganAlbert1898/08/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DugasJames1964UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DumontierFrancois Xavier1921/09/25UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DuncanJames1899/07/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DunchcliffeThomas1906/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DundasHenry1898/08/06RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
DunlopThomas1913/01/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DunlopAmbrose1928/12/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DupontDarwyn Paul1982/02/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DupontFanny Elizabeth2001/06/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DuquetteAnnie 1930/09/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DuquetteEdward Earl as. Carl1933/03/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Durant1903UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DykeJohn D.1941/09/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
DynanFrank J. 1907/02/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
DyreJ. A. 1902/06/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Easle as. EiselPaul1937/07/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Eaton1903/04/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
EckersleyJohn1946/05/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EcklundJanel 1901/02/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EdwardLucy1906/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
EdwardsEdna Maud1908/03/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EdwardsElvin James1935/01/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EdwardsDavidHillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EdwardsMrs. J. J. 1909/06/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
EgglesonJohn1928/03/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EisertAuguste 1935/03/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Eli George 1899/03/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Eliasson John1913/08/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Elliott1909/07/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ElliottD. H. 1900UnknownRef 929.5 Death
EmersonRoy1899/07/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EmersonBernard1953/07/15 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EnbomFelix1973/06/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EnmanJohn1951/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EnnockMrs. J. 1940/07/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Ennock1930/08/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
EricksonCharles1899/09/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EricksonLeroy Ostrun1920/10/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EricksonOle1913/10/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EricksonLeon Barge1947/12/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Erickson as. JungerstamIvor 1938/11/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ErsenAugust1922/01/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EssansaMichael Ligue as. Legue1932/04/30 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Estabrooke as. EsterbrookDuncan1929/09/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EvansDavid1899/02/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
EvansWilliamUnknownRef 929.5 Death
EwingAaron R.1901/05/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FaaEric1944/07/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Fallow as. FowlowThomas1918/08/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FarquharsonCharles 1942/10/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FarrLillian1947/05/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FarrPhillip1946/01/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FarrellMartin1906/09/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Faulkner1907/05/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FaulknerGeorge M.1924UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Fennings as. FennelsPeter H.1926/09/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FergusonRonald as. Reginald1919/10/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FergusonJohn1939/04/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FergusonWilliam1963/01/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FieldG. R.1898/06/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Field as. Feld as. SeldFred1902UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FinlaisonAnselm Hammond1931/04/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Finley as. FinlayJames1901/02/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Finnie as. FinneyCharles 1933/06/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FischerHenry1899/02/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FischerAlexander Clark1941/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FitzgeraldMichael James1913/08/27RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
FitzpatrickJohn A. as. John E.1927/03/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FitzpatrickGeorge Kenny1920/09/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FlahertyJames1899/06/24UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FlemingJohn G. as John A.1933/06/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FlemingJames1905/02/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FletcherAlexander1909/02/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FletcherRobert1923/05/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FlettEdward1899/02/15RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
FlugstadA. L. 1903/06/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Foelske as. ForlskeHerman1899/08/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Foelske as. Forlske as. FulseaJulius1900/03 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Fogler as. FolgerLevi Vaughn1915/12/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ForbesKenneth Alexander1912/04/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FordAnnie1906/06/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ForrestThomas L.1926/05/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ForrestT. L. UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FosterGil1948/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Fothergill Christopher1939/06/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Fournier1946/11/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FoxRichard Andrew1950/11/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FoxEric1944/07/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FrameWilliam J.1957/08/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FrancesFrances1900/05/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FrancisBessie A.1932/07/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FrancisSamuel1951/05/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Francis as. FrancesWilliam1908/10/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FrancoeurJoseph1907/06/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FrankJohn1903/05/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Frank as. WisniewskiMichael W.1900/05/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FranklinHoward1904/05/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FransenPeter William1936/09/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FraserDuncan1911/01/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FraserJames R. as. John R.1930/10/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FraserJames1945/07/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Fraser1962/08/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FrazerSofia 1914/10/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FreebergAxel1931/11/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FreemanJames1899/04/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FrenchRobert1948/12/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Fresque as. FrequeJoseph1925/08/25UnknownRef 929.5 Death
FrobergCharles1913/11/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FryNena 1917/05/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FulsebakkeSigmund J.1949/01/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
FyfeWilliam1913/10/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GageCharles1947/07/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GagneJoseph Henry1955/11/24 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GagoffAlexander1916/03/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Ganderson William1937/08/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Garber as. Garner as. GardnerJoseph1904/07/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GarnettJohn1899/09/11RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
GarrJames E.1899/07/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GassmanWilliam F.1931/07/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GassnerHenry Edward1949/08/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Gates Benjamin1942/08/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GaveelWilliam1958/09/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GeorgeWilliam1910/09/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
George1914/10/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GeorgeEli1899/03/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Gerow as. JerowHenry1898/05/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Gessell as. TexellHerbert1939/06/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Gibetz as. GibitzEdward P. 1900/12/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GibsonJames R.1947/07/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Gibson1959/01/28UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Gilbert Jessie1905/10/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GilkerCharles1950/06/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Gillies as. GillisAlexander J.1910/10/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GilroyJohn W. as. M.1932/07/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Glaser as. GlassJohn M.1905/11/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GlassW. H.1919UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Glocker as. GockerJulius1912/02/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GodfreyAlexander1900/12/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Goldworthy as. GoldsworthyAdam1904/01/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GordonArchibald Alexander1930/12/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GordonW. D. 1950UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GorensonOscar1969/08/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Gorman as. ClickHenry David1918/05/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GoughFrank1941/12/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GowdyDavid1898/12/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GrahamJoseph1914/11/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GrahamJohn1900/04/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GrantJohn1913/09/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GrantRachael1974Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GrantHerbert1902/10/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GravdahlSeverin H.1906/01/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GravelOnesime1920UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GravesJ.1900/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GrayClarence Hugh1946/08/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GreavesAda1943/06/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GreenRachel1908/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GreerLeonard1938/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GremanGeorge1897/08/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GresbackGeorge1900/02/243Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GreveyJohn A.1933/06/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GreyJames1906/07/22 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GreyE. James1899/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GriffithsGriffith1901/01/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GrillyEdward as. Edwin1906/10/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Grue as. GrewJames1907/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
GschwindtJohn1901/03/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GuayCyrille1943/01/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GudbrundersonSyver1914/06/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Guerne as. GuerneD. H.1899/05/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GuildsSarah Elizabeth1906/08/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GuilmetEmil1934/09/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Gulliford John1923/03/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GustafsonCharles E.1901/01/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GustafsonEmil1908/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Gustavson as. GustafsonGustave1900/03/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Gustavson as. GustafsonG. C. 1915/05/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GustinAlfred1899/06/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
GustinSamuel1898-99 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Haaland Julius J.1935/02/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HackneySamuel1912/03/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hahlwick as. HohlwickHenry1908/05/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Haines as. Haynes as. HayesSterling A.1940/12/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HaleFred B. 1942/06/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HallJoseph1942/04/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HallRobert1900/06/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HamiltonRaymond P.1903/12/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HamiltonThomas1940/03/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HamiltonJ. D. as. J. C.1903/06/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HamiltonH.UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HammondJames S.1911/04/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HammondMary H. as. Mamie 1938/11/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HandArthur1964/04/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HanhiSamuel1898/11/25UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HannaJames1973/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HansenNatta1906/12/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HansenJohn1947/06/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HansenNick as. Nicholas1935/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HarbottleFrank E.1943/10/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HardyThomas W.1940/04/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HardyBennie1898-1899UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Hardy as. HardieEdward1905/10/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HarfordWilliam1899/03/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HarmsMattias1920/04/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Harrel as. HarwellFrank1926/12/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HarrisMartin1910/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HartHoward Hamilton1908UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Hartnett John Patrick1936/09/07RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
HarveyThomas1945/08/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HaverlockDaniel1941/11/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HawkinsFlorence1901/12/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HawnEdward F.1938/06/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HaydenJohn1948/09/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HaysAlpheus 1899/01/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Haywood as. Hayward Henry Edward 1922/07/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hearn 1901/05/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hearn as. HearneJohn1917/10/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HeaterJerry1901/04/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hecht1899/05/17 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Hedge as. HedgesFrank Marcus1929/03/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HedgesWilliam Henry1942/04/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HedstromJohn1906/06/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Heffrin as. HeffernPatrick1899/03/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hefstad as. AlfstadKnut R.1899/03/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HeggemHans1962/11/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HegnessChristian1948/12/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HegstromMrs. Helmer 1949/07/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HegstromJohn1906/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HeineWilliamUnknownRef 929.5 Death
HendersonChester Cameron1971/08/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HendersonMargaret Alexander1945/07/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HenekenL.1899/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HennessyJohn1903/06/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HenryBrian1973/10/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HenryLawrence Anthony1986/11/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Henry Jr.Percival 1969/11/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Henzel as. Lent Joseph 1907/08/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HerbertH. G.1914-1919UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HeringVictor Lee1905/10/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HermanC. J.1898/06/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HermannEdward1918/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Hermansen as. HermansonConstance Christiana Georgiana1911/11/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Heron John1917/10/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hetherington as. AndersonF. B. as. John P.1899/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HicksJeannie Gordon 1918/04/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HillEllen M. 1902/07/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HillFred1915/09/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HillWyhner1900/10/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hill as. Straub Stella as. Kitty 1898/12/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HinchcliffCharles1901/06/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HindleyThomas1908/07/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HobbsVivian George1971/02/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HodderJoseph1940sUnknownRef 929.5 Death
HoidalAnker1962/08/17UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HolbrookHarold M.1950/07/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HolderJoseph1905/05/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HolderDavid Havelock as. Harvey1913/07/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Holland as. HallandCharles E.1911/09/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hollenbeck Ellen1932/12/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HollenbeckJohn E.1936/07/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HolmesJohn1939/02/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HolmesEdith1973/12/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HolmesAndrew Lowery1905/01/12RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
Holtze as. HoltsHenry1903/07/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HopkinsFred1908/10/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hornung as. HornigHenry1899/09/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HoslerArthur James1906/12/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HoslerJoseph190?/05/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Houghton as. HaughtonRobert1906/12/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HowardGeorge1911/03/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HoweGeorge1904/08/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HowrieThomas1908/12/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Huboff as. HoboffAlexander Vladimir as. Alec L.1963/08/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HughesJames Brainerd1950/02/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HughesLouis1942/12/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HullFrank1926/12/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HumeChristiana Mortimer Forsyth1919/03/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HumeJeanette as. Janet1932/05/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HumeLaura Haydon1935/11/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HumeWilliam1951/08/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Humphries as. HumphreysMarion1910/02/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HuntBenjamin1902Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HunterHarry as. Henry1900/10/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HunterCharles1939/06/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HurstFrederick1939/10/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HusbyOtto1908/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
HutchinsonJames1943/02/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Hutton Joseph M.1907/05/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
HylesFrank B.1911/10/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
IbbotsonStanley Harold1905/05/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Imakura as. ImamuraNobal1901/11/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
IngramCharles1915/04/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
InksterWilliam1925/07/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Insley as/ EnsleyRobert1923/04/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Isaac Mary1944/10/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
IsaacThomas1944/10/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Ivancevic as. IvanevicMiholojo1908/06/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
IversonFrederick John 1968/03/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Iveson as. IversonDaniel as. Benjamin1902/12/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JacksonMargaret1909/08/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JacksonEgbert Hycliffe1934/11/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Jackson1937/07/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JacksonHenry William1902/01/29RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
JacksonA.1898/01/28UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JacksonThomas1949/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Jackson1906/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JaconiJacob1905/11/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
James as. AndrewsBenjamin as. Samuel1901/03/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Jeanneret1916/04/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JefferyRichard1902/01/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JeffreyMrs. W. H. 1944/01/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JeffreyThomas1915/11/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JengichJoseph1938/12/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Jenkins William1909/05/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JensenJames1900/02/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JensenGerard1961/02/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Jensen as. ElkjorKnute 1911/06/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Jessup as. JessopRobert1899/08/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JoeGeorge1949/08/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JohansenSven as. Brothsven1939/12/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JohansonJohan F. 1933/12/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Johnson1901/12/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JohnsonPeter Julius1911/09/28 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Johnson1912/07/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JohnsonAlfred1917/06/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JohnsonCarl 1899/10/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JohnsonDaniel1899/02/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JohnsonThomas1900/08/11RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
JohnsonJ. H.1949UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JohnsonFred1900/10/31UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JohnsonGeorge1899/01/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JohnsonAlfred1943/10/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Johnson1898/01/26UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JohnsonS.1915UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Johnson1908/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Johnson as. JohnstonOtto1900/12/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Johnson as. YoungerO. H. as. A. H.1901/02/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JohnstonPeter 1900/10/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JohnstonJames Gilbert1905/02/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JohnstonOle1948/07/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Johnston as. JohnsonAndrew S.1910/01/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Johnstone1909/06/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JohnstoneFred1900/02/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JohnstoneJohn1937/06/17UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JoiseAustin1903/09/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JonesBenjamin1933/03/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JonesEnos1937/12/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JonesJohn David as. G.1904/07/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JonesSheila1998/01/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JonesUnknownRef 929.5 Death
JonesThomas1887/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JorgensenLouis John1899/12/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Jorgensen1906/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JosephKenneth1944/05/24UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Joslin as. JoslynW. C.1926/02/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JosvaldOle1972/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
JoswaldEmily1913/03/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Julberti as. ZulbertiFrank1899/05/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Jullison as. JuliussonBertil 1943/12/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
JuncotJ. B.1898UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KaakinenAino Ida1905/09/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Kala1914UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Kaldal as. KaldarJames Peterson1962/05/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Kammueller1905/09/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KaneJohn as. Joseph1905/08/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KaneFrank1899/06/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KantuscharRudolf1906/06/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KaplinHarry1904/09/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KappeljensenC. P.1898/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KaradzichStanko1950/02/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KaschFred1953/02/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KateFred1932/04/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Kaukaranta as. KawharantaHeikki1910/06/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KaulbachCharles1938/07/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KavlieHaakon A.1944/04/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Kazinsky as. KasczynskiJohn1898/11/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KellermanAlbert1952/12/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KellyJoseph Walsh1901/03/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KellyA.1899/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KellyL.1912-1914UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KelseyRuth1913/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KeltonJames1903/05/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KempErnest1942/12/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KennedyA.1898-1902UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Kennedy Thomas1902/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KenneyThomas 1902/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KentWilliam S.1898/05/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KerinsJohn1917/12/17UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KerrGeorge1951/03/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KeyesSamuel1901/03/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KincaidGeorge H.1907/10/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KingMay Blodwin1971/09/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KingWilliam Henry1972/07/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KingsleyMary Susan1907/01/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KingstonJames1922UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Kirk Alexandra Maria1935/05/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KitchenMrs. George W. 1926/06/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KleinJohn1930/11/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KlingkoJohn1961/01/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Knapp1933/12/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KnausFrederick1931/08/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KnipeA. John1900/06/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KodatzOtto1898/12/26UnknownRef 929.5 Death
KojimotoK.1907/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Korlie Haakon1944/04/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Koss as. KassJohanna1912/04/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KottilaimenWilliam1928UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Kowashema as. Kowashima*Thomas1954/02/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KramerHenry1915/01/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KronquistAlfred J. as. Albert J.1901/01/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KroysAndrew1935/02/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KuchmanHenry1943/05/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Kulack as. Kubeck as. KubackWilliam1923/08/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
KunzeBertha1951/05/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Kunzel1968/11/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Kwaday Dan Sinchi1451UnknownRef 929.5 Death
L'Abbe 1904/03/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Labrieux as. LabreuxMax1928/07/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LaCosteGeorge Sandom1920/07/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LaffertyGeorge W.1899/11/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LaGhrist as. LabriceJohn1900/06/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Lahti as. LahdiJenny Lydia1906/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LakeSamuel J.1899/05/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LambAlbert E.1941/05/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LambertWilliam1897/08/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LambertHorden1899/05/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LambertCharles1937/06/25UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LamontJohn P.1949/05/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LamontNeal1887/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Landahl as. Lendall as. LaudahlGustave1911/05/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Landregon as LandreganJohn 1909/09/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LangLouis1907/12/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LangJohnUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Langfield as. LangleyJames1960/05/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LaningL. B.UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LappWilliam D.1911/02/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Larry1902/05/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LarsenPeter1901/05/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LarsenMartin1941/09/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LarsonEmile1942/09/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LarsonAuguste1953/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Larson-HaleMartin1953/04/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Lassonde as. LassonPaul H. as. G.1899/04/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Launchbury as. LynchburyWalter1898/11/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LaverdiereJohn1921UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Lawless as. LawlesGus1908/05/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LawrenceNicholas A. as. A. Nicholas1957/03/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LawsonWilliam1917/11/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Learment as. LearmontJohn M.1939/06/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LebargeMichael1909UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LebaumF.1898/08/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LeeThomas1906/08/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LeeAndrew J.1901/06/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LeeJohn1898/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LeglerJoseph1902/01/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LegnerRichard1900/05/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LehtiMatthew1903/09/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LeitchRobert1920/06/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LeslieN. G.1898/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LesterTheodore1939/08/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LetnesLorns1931/05/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LevertonJames1898/05/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LevyWilliam1901/01/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LewisA. Harry1974/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Lewrie as. LowreyHarry1925/03/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LightningJoseph1906/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LillySarah Frances1908/03/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LillyJames Edward1912/08/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Linberg as. Lundberg as. Lindman as. LuinbergJohn A. as. James1913/08/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LindAlexander as. Axel1899/09/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Lindner as. LindmerCharles1898/11/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LindsayJohn Thomas 1900/02/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LindsayJoseph1921/07/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LindstromAdolph1951/10/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LinehamMaurice1919/12/24 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LinsteadJulius1920/06/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LintaNicole1955/01/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Lisle as. Liles as. LillisThomas Freeman1905/05/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LittleHenry Robert 1952/10/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LiumOle J.1899/07/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LloydAlden1904/09/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LoganLottie1905/01/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LopaschukWilliam1971/02/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LordLena1932/04/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LordJennie1941/08/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Loucks as. LuchsWilliam 1953/04/09 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LoweRufus1935/02/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LoweryWilliam1908/08/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Ludwig as. LutvickKarl1926/05/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LukerF. L. 1898/11/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LundA.1917UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Lund as. Lynd as. Lind as. LundeFrank1904/05/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Lunderall as. LunderwallFred1937/03/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LundinJohn E.1974/06/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LurchinH. I. 1918-1919UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LynchJames1907/01/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
LynchHelen1902/04/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
LynchJack1899/07/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Lyttle as Little Manuel H.1899/07/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MacDonaldWalter Ewen1899/02/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MacDonaldDaniel Stewart 1899/07/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MacDonaldJohn1932/09/27 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MacFetrick as. McFetrichThomas1898/12/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MackJohn1933/08/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MackFrederick1939/10/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MackCharles Frank 1939/03/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MackenzieMurdoch1912/08/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MackenzieRobert1911/02/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MacLachlinMargaret1898UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MacLachlinR. B. 1898UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MacLennanFrederick1957/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MacPhersonJohn1944/02/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Maddalena as. Manzelina as. AddentenaJohn A. 1907/07/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Mahlen as. MahlerMrs.1903/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MahoneyJohn Thomas 1916/11/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MainWilliam Gibbs1925/09/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MajaukpaaArmas1908/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MalletteI.1939UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MaltbyJohn R.1903/11/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MaltbyHarriett Adora 1919/05/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MannDaniel1952/09/26UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ManningCharles 1903/03/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MantellAda 1929/05/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Manuet as. Manuel George P.1899/06/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MarcussenJans Emile1934/07/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MarkhamHerbert 1899/11/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MarshGeorge C.1902/04/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MarshHenry1898/11/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MarshallGladis M.1915/12/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MarshallWilliam A.1937/08/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartenCarrie1902/03/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartinWinifield Scott 1900/08/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartinFrank1911/03/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartinJohn Gilchrist1931/04/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartinClarke T.1932/04/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartinFrank E. 1937/10/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartinMontague1900/11/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Martin1954/01/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartinEleanor1939/05/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartinRobert1903/05/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MartinIke1898/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MartinJohn Thomas1903/05/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MartinMartha1908/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Martinson as. Martinsen as. TotdalOle M.1900/02/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Marzinpaa as. MainpawMatthew1929/12/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MaskellJohn R.1919/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MasonIda1937/02/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MasonJoseph1958/09/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MasseyJohn1903/10/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Matheson1912/04/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Matheson1917/02/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MathesonArchibald J.1937/09/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MathesonHenry1898/12/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MatsonAndrew1909/09/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MatsumotoMrs. Hara as. Hana1911/12/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Matthews as. MatthiesenKarl1947/08/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Maudson as. Mandson as. Naudson George Alfred1901/12/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MaurerFrank1899/05/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Maurettus1899/08/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
May-LeasonFrank 1953/11/05 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Maye as. Mayekawa Charles1916/03/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McAdamEbeneezer1927/05/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McAfee as. McApheeArchibald 1935/07/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McAllisterEllen Taylor1911/05/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McAllisterJames1923/11/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McAllisterJ. J.1899/09/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McAlllisterJohn1898-1899UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McAnnennyWilliam1921UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McCabeHenry H. 1903/12/12 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCandlish as. McCandishHarry as. Henry1922/11/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCarthyDaniel as. David1925/07/26 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McClureJohn1899/06/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCluskeyCharles1910/04/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCombGeorge1915/03/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McComb as. McCoombArchibald 1948/03/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McConaghyAndrew1948/03/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCordBenjamin Cameron as. Benjamin Campbell1901/07/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCordThomas1900/06/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McCormack as. McCormickWilliam1899/12/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McCourtHenry as. Patrick1911/08/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCowanEmma Jean1935/01/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCoyHattie1925/06/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCue as. McHughJames1898/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McCuishMurdock1962/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McCuishRonald1973/11/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McCuspieJohn M.1939/04/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDermid as. McDermit as. McDiarmidRichard1945/10/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDermott as. McDiarmid as. McDermidGeorge1912/11/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDiarmid1949/01/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDiarmid; McDiarmidKevin Ross 1963/12/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDonaldDaniel C.1920/08/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDonaldMaggie1931/10/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDonaldDonald Stuart 1899/07/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDonald James Fraser1965/04/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDonaldAlexander1894UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McDonaldJohn1932/09/28UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McDonald as. MacDonaldMrs. Sarah 1909/12/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDonald as. MacDonaldDaniel D. H. as. Y.1933/03/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDonnellDonald1973/05/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McDowellCharles William 1928/09/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McEachernJames1925/03/17UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McEachernAngus Bernard1905UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McEwen as. McEwanThomas T.1898/11/21 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McFagen as. McLagen O. C.1921/12/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McFarlandJ.1900/02/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McFarland as. McFarlaneOliver1921/07/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McGeeJoseph1899/05/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McGinnisDennis as. Dan1905/04/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McGregorGeorge A.1943/08/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McGuireThomas1914/09/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McGuire as. Megguire as. MaguireC. F.1901/04/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McHugh as. McCue as. McEwenDavid as. Daniel1901/08/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McIntoshAllan1943/08/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McIntosh as. MacIntoshJohn1921/09/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McIntyreWilliam1930/03/18 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McIntyreJohn1902/11/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McIsaacsArchie1900/03/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McIvor Murdoch J.1938/09/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McKaigJames1940/11 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McKayFrank Alcock1907/06/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McKay1897UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McKayPhilip John1946/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McKinleyWilliam1943/10/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McKinnonHugh M.1903/12/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McKinnonDonald1927/03/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McKinnonMalcolm 1943/08/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McKinnonWilliam1921/02/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McKinnon1898/05/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McKinnonJames1946/12/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McKinnon as. MacKinnonArchibald1926/04/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLachlanRobert B.1918UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McLaineHugh Donald1944/04/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLarenElton Bruce1901/07/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLarenRobert Campbell1942/07/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLaughlinJames1957/11/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeanB. S. as. S. B.1908/08/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeanDavid1926/11/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeanMrs. L. A.1937/09/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeanHarry1949/08/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeanEthel as. Ellen Grace1952/06/03 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeanJohn1958/03/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McLennan as. MacLennanHector1947/06/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLennan as. McClennanFrederick1957/10/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeodMalcolm1912/01/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeodCharles Roderick1921/06/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeodJohn1921/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeodGordon William 1925/04/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeodSimon1966/03/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McLeodCharles1971/04/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McMastersRose1914/06/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McMillanFrances M.1906/07/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McMillanJohn1922-1925UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McMullenThomas1902/02/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McNabPeter Saggie1944/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McNameeMrs. James 1904/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
McNeilDonald as. Daniel1941/05/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McPhail as. MacPhaillJohnUnknownRef 929.5 Death
McPheeJohn J.1913/05/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McPhee as. McFeeD. J.1939/09/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McPhersonJohn 1901/03/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McRaeDaniel1923/09/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McRaeKatherine1944/10/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McRae as. McKayRoderick as. Ronald 1900/12/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McRiceWilliam1901/02/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McTavishDuncan1899/11/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
McVitae as. McVicar Archibald1945/11/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MeachieMurdock1947/07/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Meehan as. MeechamWilliam1898/05/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Meeker Frederick S.1901/01/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Meier as. MaierFred1913/03/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MeikleDavid1910/10/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Meinfield as. Meanfield J. C.1898/12/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MelisDominico1915/06/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MellishRuth1909/02/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MellishAnnie McDonald 1931/08/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MelvilleWilliam R.1927/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MenziesStewart W. B.1910/07/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MerrillFrederick William1937/03/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MerriweatherA. J.1898/12/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MerrymanOrin D.1901/07/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MertensWilliam1898/04/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Messender as. Messeder as. Messeler, MessengerAlbert1909/01/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MetcalfGeorge1900/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MichieA.1915-1916UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Michie as. MeachieMurdoch1947/07/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MiddletonThomas W.1902/01/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MilesEdward J.1909/09/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MilesMylo Morris1920UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MillenLeslie John1969/09/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillenEdgar1932/01/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MillerAlfred Sighild 1904/05/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillerGeorge Allen1908/07/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillerJ. A. S.1911/03/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillerRufus Reeves1915/12/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillerW. R.1918/02/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillerHenry1898/11/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillerEdward1909/09/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Miller Captain Charles Edwin1930/05/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillerJohn Paul1942/07/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillerJames Lewis1963/10/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillerHenry1967/12/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Miller1904/11/03 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MillerFrank1898/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MilliganJohn D.1898/11/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillsEllen Elizabeth1946/06/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MillsGeorge1947/10/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MitakiSaiki1905/04/18 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MitchellGertrude1902/09/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Mitchem as. Mecham as. MeechamWilliam as. Willis1899/02/12 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Mittiehauser as. Mittelhauser as. MittlehauserWalter1947/07/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ModeJohn1901/01/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MoeJohn1926/05/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MoffatHerbert1900/12/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MohlmanJohn1923/04/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MoiLouis1961/08/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MoklebustThomas1940/03/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MollPaul1934/01/10 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Molstad as. Moldestad as. MoldsteadMathias1936/08/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MonahanHugh1943/07/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MonroeThomas1903/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MonroeCharles1904/08/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MontagueMartin1900/11/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MonteithD.1899/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MoodyJames C.UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MoreauCharles Edward1960/03/26UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MoreauLetha Bella1960/03/28UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MorinFrancois1939Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MorrisonJohn L.1901/04/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MountainGates Charles as. Charles Yates1911/07/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Movick as. MovikAbel1926Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Mukison as. MeekisonJames1913/10/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MullinJames1927/10/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MunroeJ. L.1914-1918UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MunsonFrank 1902/11/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MunsonFrank E.1898/11/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MurchisonAlexander1903/07/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MurphyArthur J.1902/03/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Murphy1903/12/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Murphy1908/06/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MurphyMary Jane1913/02/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Murphy John 1918/10/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MurphyJohn Charles1954/09/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MurphyDavid1983Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Murphy as. Olson as. OlsenJohn as. Ole1918/10/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MurrayHugh1911/11/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MusserMrs.1899/03/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
MyersJoseph1964Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Myers1910/11/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Myers as. MeyersBenjamin1922/11/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
MyloJames1925/04/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NackeHerman1939/05/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NantuckFrank1899/02/17UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NantuckJoseph1899/03/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NeePearl M.1918/03/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NeffEdgar Beverley1949/07/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NeffEdith1980Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Nelan as. NelsonWilliam1900/03/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NelsonSamuel A.1901/03/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NelsonNels1932/11/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NelsonL. P.1900/01/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Nelson John C.1899/04/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NelsonNels1905/08/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NelsonWilliam1924/12/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NelsonA.1898/04/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NelsonJohn P.1899/08/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NelsonW. H. 1901/11/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NelsonChristopher1949/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NewmanAlice Elizabeth1937/12/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NewshamRose1993/03/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Nicholas as. IvanoyJohn as. Nicholas Papas1917/12/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NicholsonMalcolm F.1902/04/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NicholsonJames C.1934/01/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NicholsonJohn1951/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NielsenBorge1958/09/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Niven as. Neville as. Newille John1918/08/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NjootliAmos1923/02/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NobleAlexander H.1900/10/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NobleMary C.1917/11/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NolanFrank J.1920UnknownRef 929.5 Death
NordAugustus1899/05/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NordlingAxel 1917/05/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NordlingOtto1919/05/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NordlingCharles1931/08/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NormanHenry1937/08/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NormandJean Baptiste1951/09/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NosakaTakeshi1905/04/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Nosvig as. NostrigAnnette1905/09/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NozahaMetsugi1906/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
NunnGeorge1962/11/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
O' Brien Irene1962/07/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
O'BrienVictor1963/12/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
O'BrienJohn1900/08/11RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
O'BrienW. E.UnknownRef 929.5 Death
O'BrienAnnie1900/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
O'ConnerGerald 1901/01/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
O'Neil as. O'NeillJames B.1921/06/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
O'NeillEmerson1921/01/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Oelker as. OlkerDiedrich as. Richard1911/02/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OglowJames1941/05/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OkadaYuda as Yonezo1928/07/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Oleson as. Olsen as. OlsonOle1938/03/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Oleson as. Olsen as. OlsonAlexander1947/07/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OliverAlfred1911/05/26UnknownRef 929.5 Death
OlsenLawrence1899/12/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OlsenCarl Ernest1902/08/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OlsenSimon1968/11/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OlsenOle1910/06/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
OlsenOle1900/10/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Olsen as. OlsonCharles1900/02/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OlsonJohn1936/12/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OlsonPeter1941/05/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OlsonLouis as. Lewis1899/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OmuraOchitaki1901/07/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OrdJohn1921/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
OrlingCharles1931/08/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OrtellGeorge1943/04/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OsbornOwen W.1930/09/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OsgoodRaymond Oliver as. John Oliver1928/11/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OsgoodLeslie A.1898/11/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
OstvoldKristen1961/03/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
OvertonEdward Roy1974/02/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Owren as. OwensHenry1915/07/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Oxby as. Only Edwin1899/06/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PackieJohn Eric1946/03/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PagetCharles1922/02/01 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ParisWilliam1909/06/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ParkerMrs. John1939/09/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ParkerWinfield Scott1899/02/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ParkerAlfred M.1941/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PartridgeErnest1908/06/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Pasquier as. Poisquae as. Pasquan as. PoitevenMarie1903/09/24UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PattonRobert1926/12/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PattonJames T.1952/09/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PattonGeorge1898/09/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PaulsonOtto Frederick1924/02/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PaulsonW. B. J.1944UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Paulson as. PolsonOscar P.1900/04/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PayneThomas Herbert1906/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PearsonEmil1899/04/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PearsonGus1911/09/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PearsonOlaf1959/01/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PeckhamAlbert E.1900/12/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PellandJulia 1943/10/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PellandJosephine1962/09/26UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PellyJames1926UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PeraultEugene1905/05/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PerkinsCharles Grant1902/01/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PerkinsJosiah Darwin1910/12/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PetersJohn1899/04/25UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PetersenMrs.1900/04/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PetersonMarie Nessitt1900/04/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PetersonHenry1903/05/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PetersonKristine 1907/04/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PetersonJohn C.1925/09/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PetersonJohn P.1929/09/10 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PetersonP. Christopher1936/03/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PetersonJohn1965/07/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PetersonThornburg as. Thorburg1897/09/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Peterson as. PetersenCharles Augustus1899/01/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PhillipsCatherine Ann1905/12/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Phillips as. PhilliipAndrew1911/01/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PickeringHollis1936/09/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PierceJohn Harvey1905/01/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PilgrimAlbert E.1900/11/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PinardJoseph1931/02/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PlattPeter1898/12/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Plotstosser as. Clotstossen as. Clotcofer Louise1900/09/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Pommery as. PomeroyJohn1902/08/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Pompal as. PompolLouisa1949/01/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PorterHibard Edward 1916/05/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PorterBert1916/10/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PorterBenjamin H. 1942/08/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Potter Lena1906/01/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PoulinAnna Maria1929/12/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PoulinRomeo1937/12/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PoulinMary1939/06/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PoulinArthur 1939/06/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PowellWilliam1917/12/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PowellCharles Harry as. Henry1898/05/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Praetor as. Prator as. PraeterJames P. as. George1899/05/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PrevostAntoine1886/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PriceEugene1959/10/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PrimusAnnie Parry1903/01/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
PritchardCharles Edward1899/03/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ProfeitJames1969/03/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
PurserWilliam Leigh1899/10/23RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
Pyke as. PikeAllen O. as. Allen C.1912/03/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Quatun1906/12/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
QuesnellThomas1899/09 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
QuinnOmar J.1929/04/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Quirie as. QuerieGeorge1921/05/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RadcliffeJoseph1940/11/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RadfordWilliam1944/10/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Rae as. RayNellie1944/08/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RahnFrederick1900/12/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Ranisch as. Ramsch as. RanschCharles1907/04/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RansleyAlfred1932/08/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Ranta1914UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RavenhillCharles T.1968/12/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ReardonRobert Alfred1906/11/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Rebour1901/09/24UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RedashGeorge A. 1904/08/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ReddenWilliam1938/05/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RedmondElla 1913/05/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RedmondRobert J.1920/06/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Regenell as. RagnellNicholas1951/05/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ReidJohn1948/07/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ReineckeElizabeth1908/08/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Rekdal1907/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RendellWilliam J. 1935/09/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ReuterGeorge1917/12/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ReynoldsGeorge C.1929/02/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ReynoldsJohn1899/03/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RhodesWilliam Edward1913/01/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Rhue as. RueChester1933/12/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RiceFrederick1937/08/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RichardE. C.1946-1946UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RichardsAnthony Pierce1909/11/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RichardsWilliam Francis1907/02/13RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
RichardsonJohn H.1905/04/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RichardsonJohn 1931/02/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Richen1906/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RileySamuel1934/10/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Ritzma as Reitzma Peter1931/10/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RiversCharlotte1932/01/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Rivers Lillian Sylvia1943/04/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RiversMary Louise 1973/10/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RiversCharles1977/01/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RobbinsJames1900/04/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RobertsMagdalene May1972/11/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RobertsJohn 1936/02/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RobertsMrs. James1911/06/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Robertson Barbara Johnston 1902/11/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RobertsonDaniel1899/04/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RobesonMary E. as. E.M.1904/12/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RobinsonMrs.1905/03/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RoccoAugust1926/10/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RoedigerR.1913UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Rogers 1902/07/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Rohr as. RohrnHarry1945/03/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RohrbackFrank1923/10/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Rojkavich as. Rozkavick as. RackovickJohn1913/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RokkjarNels1940/10/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RomanWilliam1915/11/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RomineJohn Clark1897/09/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Romolo as. CesariCesari as. Romolo1915/02/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RondeauC.1899/06/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Roselle as. RossMaud 1899/08/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RossElizabeth as. Louisa1899/12/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RossHector George1904/02/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RossJohn Alexander1946/04/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RossHarriet Louise1933Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RossJohn1939/07/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RossA. F.1903/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
RossD.1916UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Rossow as. RussowWalter Joseph1935/09/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Rouhl1898/12/5-11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Rourk as. RourkeHenry A.1904/11/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
RowanEmily 1900/05/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Rudlen as. RudlinIsaac1915/11/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Rupe as. RoupeWilliam1937/07/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Russell1969/12/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Ryan1932/05/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SabinDavid1917/02/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Sabistin as. Sasvistin as. SavistonWilliam as. J.1945/05/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SaddlemeyerD.C.1901/01/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SakataJoseph1920/05/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SamJohn L.1900/03/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SamuelsonAlexander1905/07/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SamuelsonJohanna1945/09/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SamuelsonJoseph Myers1964/02/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SandaS. K.1899/10/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SandersonThomas1902/11/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SatherAntone A.1920UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SatoB.1911/02/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Sato as. Saito1917/04/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SaundersEdith Elizabeth1899/08/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SaundersDaniel F.1928/04/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SaundersR.1899/06/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SawrenkoAlbert1959/09/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SawyerFrank1908/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SchaefferAlbert E.1949/01/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ScheffenLarry1971/02/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ScheffenHorst1971/09/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ScheffenDarwyn Paul1982/09/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SchlagFrank1900/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SchmidtCharles1912/10/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SchockEmil William1904/06/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Schooling1902/05/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SchroederFrederick1916/02/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SchuhSiebertUnknownRef 929.5 Death
SchultzAl1950/02/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Schultz as. SuchettF. H.1935/01/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SchurbohmHenry1908/04/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Schwinde as SwindeFred1908/03/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ScottDavid1901/02/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ScottCharles A.1900/04/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ScottWilliam1917/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ScottF.1917-1918UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ScouseThomas1939/03/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SeabergEdward A.1899/07/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SeaborneDonald1937/05/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SeagramArthur as. Charles 1940/12/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SeatonW. F. as. W. T. 1908/04/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SeeleyAlexander1957/08/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Seller as. SodderstromJohn1899/10/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SempleRobert1928/01/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SempleJohn H.1947/02/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SenciLouis1934/01/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SephtonRobert1901/03/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SepticmusOley1918/07/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SharpHarriet Josephine1905/09/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SharpGeorge Henry1932/04/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Sharp as. SharpeWilliam1915/10/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ShaverAlexander1928/11/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Shaw1898/12/5-11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ShayDaniel1902/10/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Sheldon1902/06/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Sherk as. Shuk Josiah1915/09/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ShipmanJoseph C.1911/05/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ShodN. A. 1906/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ShotwellJames A.1899/11/03 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Shumack as. Schumacher1894UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SickelsteelDavid1905/03/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SidneyJudith Lovine1965/11/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SidneyDeena Lovine1967/10/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SimHenry1947/03/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SimonDaniel1962/11/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Simon as. Simons as. SymonsAlphonse1909/04/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SimonsLouise A.1930/02/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SimpsonEdward A.1899/05/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SimpsonEdward1920UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SimsArlene Della 1961/11/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SinartJohn1915/09/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SinclairMrs. Benjamin F. 1909/06/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Sinclair1898UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SinghKhan1909/06/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SkaloHans1942/12/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SkellyGilbert1952/02/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SkeltonAbbie1931/03/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SkeltonHarry1948/11/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SkeneHenry A.1908/04/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Slack as. Flack George J. as. George A.1903/06/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Slater as. HardingJames A. as. George 1901/12/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SlocumGeorge1939/03/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Slorah as. Mitchell Julia as. Pearl1900/10/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmackerJohn Alexander1935/07/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmalleyRichard Ernest1908/10/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmartJohn Wilson1924/10/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmartChester1939/04/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmileySteve P.1942/11/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Smith John David1904/07/29UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SmithArthur H. as. Arthur C.1900/09/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithRobert1901/04/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithFrancis Preston1901/11/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithRalph A.1908/05/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithHannah1913/01/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithWilliam Franklin1913/02/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithHenry1913/02/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithWilliam O.1913/04/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithJohn1926/01/27 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithCharles H.1926/02/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithThomas1934/07/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithWilliam W. 1953/09/12 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithCharles Arthur H.1953/11/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithA. J. W. 1900/03/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithL. D.1954/05/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithRalph1926/12/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmithEdward J. J. 1910/10/07RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
SmithSamuel1925/07/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SmithWilliam 1947/05/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SmithUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Smith1898/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SmithMaggie1909/09/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SmithG. M. as. C. M.1898/04/20UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SmithJames as. Joseph1899/11/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SmithJohn1898/07/30UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SmithCharles Thompson1904/08/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SmytheWilliam J.1899/06/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SmytheW.B.1914/03/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SnairMarjorie Gertrude Louise1943/07/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Snowden as. SnowtonP. W. UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SnyggDavid1915/06/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SoggsAmelia L.1901/11/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Somerville W. E.1913/09/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SomervilleWilliam E.1899/12/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SommervilleWilliam1899/12/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SparksGeorge 1937/01/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SpeakeWilliam A.1901/12/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Spedan as. SpitenAustin as. Antone1902/01/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SpeerW. K.1912/02/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SpellmanMatt1900/02/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SpreadburyE. A. 1914/11/19UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SprouleLora C.1917/06/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StavardJohn1931/01/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Steers as. Steer as. SteereDaniel as. David1944/09/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Steffalano as. StefilincaDominick1900/06/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SteinbergerSamuel1908/06/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StephensMrs. John O. 1946/01/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StephensJohn O.1953/07/17 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StephensonGeorge1949/11/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Stepp1919/03/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StevensWilliam1937/07/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StevensW. H. 1899/03/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Stevens Jr.George 1931/11/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StewartJohn C. 1931/01/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StewartJohn1934/08/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StewartA. D.1898/03/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
StillmanEdward1917/11/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StingleViola Victoria1929/12/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StocktonJohn1944/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
StoltzHerman1916/04/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StoneAnnie Ross1938/09/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StoneHarriet Louise1933Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StoneBenjamin1900/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
StottWillie1898/11/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
StrathieWilliam H. 1950/09/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Strom Edward as. Edwin1931/02/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
StropAmos1917/09/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Stuart as. StewartWilliam1929/09/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SuchettF. H. 1935/01/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SuckyG.1912UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SugiyamaJames1949/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SullivanRichard 1901/04/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SullivanJohn W.1899UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SundJohn1959/02/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SutherlandHoward I. as. Howard Vigne1932/10/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SutherlandGeorge1931/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Sutler as. SutterBarton Dexter as. Burton Dexter1940/06/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SwansonJohn1918/05/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SwansonAugust1923/06/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SwansonDavid1944/01/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SwansonPeter1900/02/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Sward as. SwordJohan Alexander1901/03/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SwayneRollin1918/02/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Sweeny1898/11 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SwiftCal1899/10/18 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
SwisstonMatilda 1931/08/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Swope as. SwopFrank1901/01/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
SymesBruce1975/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
TagishSusie1908/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
TamashiroTom1951/02/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Tate as. TaitWilliam1900/05/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TaylorThomas H.1918/09/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TaylorFred1927/09/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TaylorJoseph E.1933/11/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TaylorWilliam Alexander1948/12/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TaylorAlbert Bertram1952/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TaylorEllen1964/08/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TaylorMaureen J. 1956/11/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TaylorThomas Jack2003/02/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
TaylorG. L.1915UnknownRef 929.5 Death
TaylorJ. O.1920/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Tazya1947/01/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
TelfordIda May1900/06/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TellefsenGrace Julia1905/04/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TennantSophie1903/05/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Terault1905/04/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TerkelsonJohn V.1902/08/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Tewsley William1907/07/22 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TheakstonArthur1910/01/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Theurer as. TylerCharles 1907/03/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Theurholtz as. TheuerholzCharles1900/09/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Thomas1906/11/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ThomasJohn 1954/04/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ThompsonOgden Pickett1917/11/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ThompsonHugh1945/03/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ThompsonIsaac1897/05/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ThompsonC. F.1935/09/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ThorbornR.1950/12/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ThornJohn1926/11/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Thornburn as. ThorburnWilliam1900/04/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ThorntonAlfred B. 1938/09/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Thrash William F.1903UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ThyrHugo Vitalius1964/10/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TimmRichard1947/05/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TingleyH. B.1899/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
TinkhamW. W.1913/05/25UnknownRef 929.5 Death
TitusClifford Anthony1958/07/01Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TitusMartha1963/10/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TitusAlfred1970/12/19Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TitusAlice1985/06/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TitusSallyHillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TitusMary AnnHillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TlatoffNicholas1940/10/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TognanaLouis1907/10/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ToppCharles J.1900/12/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TottenIrol1898/08/26UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Touch as. ToucheEdward Charles Gordon1901/01/15Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TrainorJ. E.1919UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Troberg Charles1913/11/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TurcotteGeorge1963/03/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Turner Mrs.1899/04/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
TurnerGeorge1914/07/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Twirdahl as. Tvirdal as. Twerdal as. OttosenOtto Gehart as, Oluf Gearhart 1961/10/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
TylerW. C. 1898/12/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1903/09/03 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown 1905/05/28 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1899/05/01 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1899/10 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1899/10 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1902/08 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1899/08 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1902/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1899Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1912/10/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Unknown1900UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownKorissa1914/10/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/07 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1897 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1930sUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown 1898/10/02 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/10/02 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1899/08/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1887/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1887/10/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1913/07/12UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1911/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1912/12/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1915 FallUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1899/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1885UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1887UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1905/05/28UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/07/15UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1900UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1899/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1903/07/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1901/07/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1916/07/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1903/09/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1905/04/17UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/07/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/07/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/08/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1900/05/22UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/02/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/05/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/05/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1897/05/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1903UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1903UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1903UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1908UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1904UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1903UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1908 SummerUnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1899/09/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1898/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1902/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1900/05UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Unknown1900/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownUnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownBob1906/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownPeter1906/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownCharlie1905/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownEliza1905/10UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownMolly1904UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownDavid1904/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownEffie1904/11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownRachel1907/08UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownEliza1907/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownJohn1908/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownMatthew1908/04UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UnknownAlfred1909/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
UppHattie C.1903/07/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Uyamatsu as. YamatsuFrank1934/01/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
VaglioEugene1912/07/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Van AsterL.1913UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Van GorderMabel1923/09/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
VanBibberHelen1933/05/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Vance1899/04/26UnknownRef 929.5 Death
VanCleve as. Van CleaveHenrietta1960/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Varnestry, Vinison1899/12/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
VaseckJoseph1937/07/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Vernerde as. Veerverde as. VarnsonDesire1900/12/16Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
VernonFrederick1946/10/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
VincentWilliam H.1923/10/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
VittValerian Richard2000/01/01RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
VogelJacob1901/04/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Vohle as. VehleFred H.1912/06/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
VorshienHenry1938/03/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Voxall as. GoxallHorace Y.1900/12/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
VrounardEmil1900/07/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WaddellThomas R.1937/02/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WadeAlice1906/11/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WadmanHarry G. as. W.1903/03/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WagnerFrank1939/10/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WagnerHenry1899/12/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Wagner1903/05/21UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WalkerC. B. as. E.B.1907/10/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WalkerE. R.1899/10/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WalkerKenneth1905/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Wallace Lelia1903/05/16UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WallaceThomas M.1902/06/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WallaceF. M. 1898-1902UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WallerThomas1928/11 Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WalmsleyLorna1974/12/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WalshThomas Joseph1964/12/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WaltenbaughGeorge Jr.1901/03/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WaltersA. H. as. A.T. 1900/12/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WalthersWilliam J.1900/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Waltie as. WattieAndrew1918/07/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Wambolt as. WamboldtWorden Elmer1952/06/02UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WardGilbert M.1909/06/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WardEdmund Hughes1899/07/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WardJohn 1899/08/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WardElias Abner1920/03/14UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WarehamG.W.M.UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WarnerElizabeth1903/02Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WarrenAndrew Nelson1910/06/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Warren1898/12/5-11UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WasbergA. 1899/06/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WashburnUnknownRef 929.5 Death
Waters as. WaltersWilliam1932/03/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WatkinsEli1899/08/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WatsonJohn Wadhams 1945/10/29Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WatsonM. W. St. John1900/03/28RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
WatsonRobert E.1899/10/16 UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WatsonRobert1899/10/18UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WattFred1932/04/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WattsCharles William1900/03/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WaughAaron1923/05/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WeaverErnest H.1901/03/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WeaverF. L.1906/06UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WebsterJohn G. as. John I.1901/02/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WebsterWilda2003/03UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WeideHenry1914/05/27UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WelbonArthur Willis1900/11/13Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WeldonChristopher J.1900/12/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WellingtonWilliamUnknownRef 929.5 Death
WellsC. H.1916-1917UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WelshJoseph1906UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WelzlJan1948/09/18Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WestBarney1932/09/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WestRobbie A.1951/08/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WestbrookGeorge G.1954/10/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Whitcombe Jonas Fred Jr.1898/05/25UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WhiteJames Alexander1900/12/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WhiteThomas H.1904/02/10Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WhiteLibby as. E. R. 1899/02/05Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WhiteRobert Douglas1970/07/20Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WhitehouseJohn Percy1916/07/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WicksOscar1935/10/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Wigle as. WeigleLeland L.1907/03/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WileyJohn T.1904/02/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Wilkie as. Wilkerye Thomas1899/10/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WillardFrank (?)1905/12/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WilliamsWilliam1912/12/17Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WilliamsHartley1915/06/22Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WilliamsGeorge1917/05/09Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WilliamsTheodore Owen1934/09/04Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WilliamsAngus 1944/07/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WilliamsGeorge Norris1949/07/09UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WilliamsJohn Owen1911/05/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WilliamsonChristopher1944/07/21Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WilsonCharles Edward1912/12/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WilsonFrank1926/08/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Wilson John Thomas 1900/01/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WilsonJohn1899/04/13UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WilsonJoseph W.1921/09/25UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Winage as. Winnage as. Vinach D.1939/11/28Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Winkleman as. WinkelmanHerman1957/07/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WinnageMrs. Peter Michael1939/11/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WiseAlbert as. Robert1914/12/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WismerHenry J.1912/08/07Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Wisniewsk as. FrankMichael W.1900/05/27Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Wista as. HistaAlbert Lee1911/01/14Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Withycomb as. WithycombeSamuel 1918/07/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Wood as. WoodsLucy1962/05/06Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
Woodruff1912/03/07UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WoodsEdward1914/02/26Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WoodsVaughn1941UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WoodsidesWilliam1912/07/25Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WorchWilliam1898/04/28UnknownRef 929.5 Death
WrightArthur Charles1903/07/24Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WrightAlfred1906/10/11RCMP (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Police
WrothJohn Wright1901/05/31Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
WynesBeverly Bernice 1932/01/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
YamaguchiHisashi 1918/04/11Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
YhoonJohn1926/11/01UnknownRef 929.5 Death
Yokabara as. YokobataFrank1946/08/30Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
YorkWilliam1898/11/03Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
YoungW. J.1910/01/08Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
YoungAndrew 1899/12/12Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
YovanovichBosco R.1913/11/23Hillside (Dawson)Ref 929.5 Hill
ZahnMrs. William1899/05/23UnknownRef 929.5 Death
ZimmermanHenry Marcoe1940sUnknownRef 929.5 Death
This database lists 4108 deaths and burials in cemeteries in Dawson City and surrounding area. Most of the cemeteries listed are in Dawson City and provides cemetery, names and date of death.
Grey Mountain Cemetery, 1960-1976 Source
SurnameGiven NamesDeath DateAgeCemeteryCall Number
ABRAHAMBill02 May 197232Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ADAMSGeorge Thomas27 Jun 197462Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ADAMSMichael James18 Aug 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ALDERSLEYGrace11 Jul 197372Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ALEKOFFMehail (Mike)30 Sep 197272Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ALEXANDERChris18 Oct 1962Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ALLARDElphege (Father)13 Jul 193544Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ALLENBAUGHLeroy25 Oct 1960Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ALVEYBernard Clifford05 Mar 197646Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ANDERSONJohn26 Nov 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ANDERSONRulon V (Andy)02 Dec 197463Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ARCHEREmilie Amelia(b) 28 Apr 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ASHJames Murray31 Jan 197153Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ASHLEYCharles02 Jun 197146Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ASUCHAKDeborah01 Oct 197214Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ATKINSONColin Dale02 Jan 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ATKINSONUnknown(b) 01 Aug 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ATKINSONUnknown09 Mar 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BABUIKJohn James (Babwik)28 Sep 197152Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BAILEYMichael15 Feb 197522Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BAKERJack10 Sep 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BASSOHarold J19 Nov 197066Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BAVESTERBert30 Sep 197471Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BEACONTerri Ann14 Oct 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BEACONTracy Lee14 Oct 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BEAHMDawna07 Sep 197353Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BEARDENBillie Lutz31 May 196528Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BECKEREthel01 Apr 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BECKERFrederick15 Jun 197379Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BECKERJames12 Apr 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BEDFORDArthur George01 Nov 197557Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BELCOURTUnknown19 Nov 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BELLMargaret Effie02 Jan 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BENEDEKJohn (Janos)24 Jan 197145Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BENNETTWilliam Reginald30 Jun 197417Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BENSONJonas E07 May 197261Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BERENDSMarilyn Erna25 May 19707Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BERGFred01 Mar 197691Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BERGPaul(b) 29 Nov 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BERZENYIDufina(b) 24 Jul 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BILLYKitty05 Feb 197583Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BLOMBERGEdward13 Mar 197568Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BOILYFernand31 Dec 197156Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BOSSKenneth Charles28 Dec 197141Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BOUCHERJoseph Ralph16 Jun 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BOWKERJoseph19 Apr 197261Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BREADENJoanne Elizabeth09 Dec 19669Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BROWNDonald14 Aug 197032Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BROWNJohn David26 Feb 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BRYANTUnknown04 May 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BUCKWAYFrank22 Mar 197666Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BUCKWAYSadie22 Mar 197662Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BUNBURYJohn David23 Jul 197338Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BURMINGHAMMichael24 Dec 197425Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BURNSBessie29 Feb 197686Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BURRELLLouis03 Jan 197389Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BURTONBonnie Louise22 Jun 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
BURYNKazimierz(b) 07 Aug 197046Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CAINViolet Valdina21 Apr 197360Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CAMERONWalter Hoy25 Jul 197266Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CAMLEYDalton Joseph06 Jun 197156Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CAMPBELLNeil21 Jul 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CANNINGThomas (RAIN Arnold Monte)27 Apr 197438Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CARRWillie Ernest Lawrence07 Jun 197459Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CARSWELLEverson03 Feb 197567Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CHAPMANFrances Danelle29 Apr 197357Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CHARLIEUnknown16 Mar 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CLARKCathy09 Dec 197146Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CLARKGeorge B29 Mar 197367Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
COATESTroy Edward18 Jul 19744Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
COLEMANYvonne Irene21 May 1973Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CORBETTTodd Richard21 Feb 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
COVENTRYJoseph Gordon17 Jun 197556Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
COWANJohn Edward31 Aug 197263Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CRONINPatrick J13 May 197186Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
CUNNINGHAMLillias Christie01 Feb 197352Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DAVISRay O09 Feb 197454Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DAVISWinnifred Irene04 Jun 197553Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DAWSONMathew Keith08 Feb 197631Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DELMORMEUnknown03 Oct 1975Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DEMMINGSLeah Joanne(b) 07 Aug 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DENDORFERMonica Gilda Martha17 Jan 197311Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DESROSIERSWilfred07 Aug 197354Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DEZIELOrval Baptiste31 May 197459Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DICKUnknown30 Sep 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DIXONWilliam Grey(b) 31 Dec 196951Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DUNPHYHarold Lee16 Dec 197557Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
DUPOVACMehmed11 Dec 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
EARLEOmar Wesley07 Jan 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
EDDYJames Stewart(b) 31 Jul 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
EDWARDSMadeline(b) 01 Apr 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ELLISAlbert Angelo25 Apr 1975Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ELLISMary17 May 197593Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ELLISONRobert20 Apr 197486Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
EMBREEHoward White01 Aug 197256Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
EMBREEWanda(b) 05 Jun 1961Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ENGELLouie05 Jun 197470Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ERDMANTheodore(b) 26 Mar 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ERICKSONJohn Olaf11 Apr 197495Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ERVENJosef Karl Gunther14 May 197421Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ETZELUnknown19 Nov 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
EVANSMary15 Dec 197555Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FABICKUnknown14 Apr 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FARQUHARSONJody Lynn21 Jul 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FAULWETTERAdolph Otto06 Jul 197036Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FIELDRussel07 Oct 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FITCHCatherine Ann01 Mar 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FLEURYGordon James(b) 13 May 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FORDKenneth25 Jun 197434Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FRANCOEURIris Fresa03 Jun 197425Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FRASERDorothy Martha12 Dec 197561Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FRASERUnknown14 Jul 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FREDRICKSONEric(b) 21 Dec 1965Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FRIENDElizabeth(b) 18 May 1961Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FRITZJosephine08 Jun 197460Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
FROSTHerman25 Dec 197038Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GALLAGHERJohn Henry15 Aug 197230Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GASSRyan27 Apr 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GEARYWilliam Lyle21 Dec 197574Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GEEBrenda Caroline16 Jul 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GEEKelly Bruce09 Jul 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GEISTMANNHeinz02 Jan 197151Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GERMAINPaul01 Jan 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GIESLERJosephine Elizabeth10 Jun 197414Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GIFFORDEdward James(b) 04 Mar 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GILLINGHAMUnknown24 Oct 1975Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GILLISGordon Stewart26 May 197258Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GILLISJohn M30 Jan 197166Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GISWORLDAllyn Darre06 Mar 197270Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GOLDBERGUnknown21 Jan 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GOODELLDonald09 Sep 197066Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GORDONGene Jerry22 Dec 197331Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GOSSELINPatrick Rosamond30 Jun 197558Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GRAFFLaurie Ann06 Aug 197517Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GRANDOscar(b) 07 Jul 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GRANGERJames Elliott03 Aug 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GRANTGladys17 Oct 197579Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GRANTHector(b) 29 Aug 1961Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GRANTHugh C M19 Nov 197677Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GREENWOODMichael(b) 16 Feb 1961Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GREENWOODTom(b) 16 Feb 1961Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GREERDonald08 Jan 197564Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GREERJames Edgar02 Jan 197547Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GUERINErin Marie04 Feb 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GUMRobin(b) 07 Jul 1965Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
GUTCHERRichard Arthur01 Jun 197575Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HAGSTROMEric(b) 30 Sep 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HALLMANYolanda Dawn05 Oct 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HALONENTapio Ilmari19 Nov 197229Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HAMILTONZella07 Sep 1965Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HANCHARAlice23 Mar 197568Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HANSONGustav19 Oct 197575Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HANSONOdin02 Mar 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HARDTKESiegfried Otto24 Sep 197243Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HARRISWilliam Charles Roy27 Jun 197545Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HEATHERINGTONGlen Karl19 Sep 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HENDRICKSONCharles01 Nov 197574Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HENDRICKSONEdward25 Oct 197563Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HENNINGLloyd Gordon17 Feb 197650Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HIGGINSUnknown18 Jul 1975Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HOBINKeith Mervin(b) 08 Jun 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HOLMGarth(b) 13 Mar 197041Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HOLMGRENOscar Elof(b) 17 Oct 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HOLWAYPaul James11 Jul 197221Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HOROSCOEKimberley Walter (Brian)10 Mar 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HOUGENMagnus Bjorne19 Nov 197455Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HOWATTPatricia Linda19 Oct 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HUCULAKPeter(b) 19 Jun 197052Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HUMEHazel01 Jun 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HUNTERLucille10 Jun 197293Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HUNTERMurray John01 Sep 197419Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
HUTCHINSONWilliam03 Dec 197384Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
INNERHOFERAlois01 Mar 197178Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JACKSONDavid05 Oct 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JAMIESONAlbert A(b) 26 Mar 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JANITSLeslie Robert19 Aug 19737Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JARDIEIla Mae31 Oct 197446Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JARVISLeslie James27 Feb 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JARVISTerrance Grant03 Feb 198921Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JIMCarl Russell19 Jul 197322Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JOENSENColin Lee20 Nov 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JOENSENUnknown(b) 14 Aug 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JOHANSONLynda Gail23 Jul 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JOHNSAllan(b) 16 Feb 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JOHNSONCharles(b) 20 Dec 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JOHNSONKirstin Rane21 Oct 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JOHNSONUnknown(b) 13 Jan 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
JOSVOLDOle08 Aug 197286Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KARASZIKalman08 Apr 197472Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KATONAKJohn21 Aug 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KELLYGeorge08 Jan 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KEOBKEDavid(b) 05 Jun 1961Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KERRJohn12 Jan 197172Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KILBURNElva Rilla Bernice13 Nov 197377Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KINGTeresa19 Aug 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KLASSENAbe25 Jan 197150Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KULICKIMartin James01 Apr 19741Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
KUNZEThelma15 Dec 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LADUEJoanne29 Apr 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LAHAIEVictor23 May 197515Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LAMBJoseph Thomas22 Nov 197072Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LANDRYGeorge Patrick01 Dec 197240Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LARSENThorbjorn25 Dec 197445Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LATTINCraig20 May 197216Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LATTINMary28 Mar 197579Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LAVIOLETTEMarcel14 Oct 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LEADLAYRobert Leroy21 May 197252Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LEASDaryle L(b) 24 Sep 196915Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LEBARGEJenny11 Mar 197390Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LECLAIRENapoleon26 Nov 197363Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LEEUnknown(b) 23 Sep 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LEFRANCOISAlbert28 Sep 197155Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LELIEVREFranklin Charles25 Jan 197522Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LEPAGEAmie Renold28 Nov 197368Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LESCHARTKathleen Margaret19 Aug 197750Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LESCHARTRobert18 Jul 197658Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LEVASSUREUnknown04 Jan 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LIGHTRobert James21 Sep 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LIGHTStephan24 May 197177Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LINDSAYErnest Joseph24 Jun 197374Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LINNMargaret07 Jul 197366Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LINQUISTCharles K06 Dec 197247Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LISTERGladys Mae29 Jul 197048Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
LORDPatrick Joseph24 Apr 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACBRIDEEva Teskey03 Sep 196676Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACBRIDEWilliam David12 Jan 197385Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACDONALDDonald Robertson13 Oct 197127Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACDONALDHolly31 Oct 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACDONALDMichael(b) 30 Jun 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACELHERENAnne11 Jan 197351Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACELHERENDeanne Marie18 Jun 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACELHERENWilliam Henry17 Apr 197353Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACKAYDonald Kenneth(b) 14 May 197435Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACLENNANAlice03 Mar 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MACPHERSONC Stuart(b) 10 Aug 197052Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MARCINOVerna May11 Jul 197448Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MARKAKISChris11 Jan 197124Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MASSIEHenry S11 Jun 197447Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MATTSONOle14 Jul 197053Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MATTSONUnknown(b) 15 Jan 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCCANLESSJohn12 Feb 197565Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCCLIMONDave04 Dec 197270Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCCUISHRonald A06 Nov 197354Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCDONALDWilliam D01 May 197170Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCKAYGladys Eva22 Apr 197531Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCKINNONColumbus03 Aug 197352Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCKINNONDonald Joseph12 Sep 197256Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCKINNONNeil John01 Dec 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCLARENLawrence Claire06 Jan 197548Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCLEANNorman James13 Oct 197418Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCMURPHYDonald14 May 197568Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MCRAEJames Alexander08 Sep 197136Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MEASECharles(b) 08 Apr 197041Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MENEGOSLambros (Nick)10 Jan 197183Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MERRICKUnknown10 Dec 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MILKORaymond22 Aug 197235Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MINETRobert Bernard13 Nov 197259Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MOLLOYAdele10 Sep 197159Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MONAHANDawn Marie30 Nov 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MONNETAlexis03 Oct 197565Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MONTANAJohn Mitchell05 Aug 197243Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MOOREMichael David James06 Apr 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MORANThomas07 Jun 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MORGANSusan Elizabeth16 Aug 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MOSSRonald30 May 197574Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MURTAGHFrancis09 May 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
MUSKAJohn Lawrence07 Nov 197068Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
NEMLANDERAxel(b) 21 Mar 197069Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
NEWMANKenneth John18 Jul 197354Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
NIELSONHenry11 Feb 197043Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
NORDCharles(b) 19 Jan 197077Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
NUNLEYFrank Oakes(b) 18 Dec 1973Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
O'BRIANUnknown26 Jun 1973Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
O'BRIENUnknown22 Dec 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
OLESONWalter19 Aug 197344Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
OLSENJohn28 Apr 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
OLSONJohn13 Mar 197250Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ORBANUnknown17 Oct 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
OSHEAPatricia Victoria28 Oct 1975Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
OSTENSTADOle19 Oct 197183Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
PALMERCharles Wesley26 Oct 197569Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
PAREEileen29 May 197122Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
PARENTLaurencia04 Dec 197467Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
PATONRaymond09 Jun 197053Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
PELLETIERJoseph Eugene Charles24 Feb 197268Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
PENDERWarrington30 Apr 1962Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
PENNINGTONNoel18 Jun 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
PIERSONPeter(b) 30 Jul 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
PIRILLODoreen31 Jul 197251Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
POIRIERMichelle30 May 19714Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
POWELLManley Arthur13 Sep 197162Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
POWELLTheodore(b) 05 Jul 1965Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
QUASHUnknown28 Jul 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RADICMichael23 Nov 197062Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RAINArnold Monte (CANNING Thomas)27 Apr 197438Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RALSTONKatie15 Sep 197075Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RAMSAYEdward11 Nov 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
REARGlen26 Jan 197566Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
REARMaureen Ann31 Jul 1965Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
REDLIVVendel06 Jan 197474Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
REEDMabel23 Aug 197343Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
REIDJessie06 Mar 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
REISSelmer03 Oct 1961Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
REMILLARDNarcisse04 May 197675Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RICEEric Milledge31 Dec 197041Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RICHARDSBernadine09 Jul 1956Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RICHARDSCecil Thomas26 Jul 1942Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RICHARDSThomas Cecil09 Nov 1961Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RIEZEBOSNorman G(b) 26 Jun 197033Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RILEYWilliam30 Jan 197669Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ROBILLARDWilliam20 Mar 197335Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ROBINSONJohn William(b) 29 Jul 197020Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ROYJessie12 Feb 197173Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RUNERWilliam(b) 17 Dec 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RUSSELLRaymond12 Mar 197562Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
RYANDavid Brandon10 Jun 197579Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SAKATAMassa22 Apr 197465Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SALAMONSteven03 Apr 1975Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SAMUELSONHelmer(b) 12 May 197364Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SARGEHans Joachim24 Oct 197052Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SAVAGEUnknown28 Jul 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SAWATZKYFrank13 Oct 197338Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SAWRENKORichard John09 Dec 197421Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SCULLYJohn(b) 07 Jul 1965Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SEMBSMOENRolf31 Jan 197363Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SENTESLucy Madeline27 Dec 197530Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SEWELJohn(b) 10 Apr 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SHABALAAnne12 Nov 196253Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SHABALAFred20 Oct 196861Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SHEPHERDJock18 Mar 197147Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SIDDIQUITiedeen22 Dec 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SIGVOLDSorli29 Dec 197483Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SIRANOVICHAleksii(b) 25 Apr 197077Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SMITHDoreen Jean (Billy)(b) 02 Aug 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SMITHGeorge11 Jun 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SMITHRobert John16 Feb 1972Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SMITHRosaire Louis15 May 197558Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SMITHUnknown01 Dec 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SORENSENHarry27 Jan 197138Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SORLIEOmar23 Feb 197069Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SOWDENWilfred L11 Jan 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STANGEJohn Martin14 Nov 197574Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STANSWalter W13 Dec 197053Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STENSTROMH17 Dec 1965Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STEVENSEdward John26 Sep 197054Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STEVENSNellie Lenore03 Oct 197555Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STOJKALudwick13 Nov 197451Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STOUTLucille Ann15 Mar 1966Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STRANDBERGAlex(b) 25 Feb 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STUARTWilliam Samuel31 Mar 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
STURGEONThomas Weldon28 Sep 197170Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SUTHERLANDShawn Lawrence15 Sep 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SUTTONEdith Florence Ruth26 Sep 197282Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SWANGerald Rene Jr(b) 24 Oct 1969Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SWANSONHerbert Lee24 Dec 197343Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SWANSONOscar Hedley26 Apr 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SWANSTROMGeorge Eric21 Nov 197521Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
SYDNEYJune Henrietta17 Sep 197239Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
TAYLORFrederick Allison30 Jul 197441Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
TAYLORGeorge(b) 15 Jul 1965Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
TAYLORGordon05 Dec 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
TESTEREileen Margaret14 Oct 197254Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
TESTERJames Sydney15 Jan 197563Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
THORSENHarry Rosenstand19 May 197268Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
TOM TOMEsther22 Apr 196827Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
TRACEYHoward Sr24 Mar 197363Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
TURCHINSKYRonald26 Feb 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
TWIGGEHarold25 Feb 197275Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
URBANOWSKINicholas(b) 10 Jan 19709Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
VAN VUGTTimothy03 Apr 19713Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
VANKIMMENAEDEUrla16 Sep 197030Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
VANVUGTChristianus16 Feb 197678Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
VIFQUAINElizabeth20 Jul 196783Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WALERIUSUnknown(b) 31 Jan 1970Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WALKERJessie02 Dec 197079Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WALKERUnknown(b) 18 May 1961Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WANNClyde03 Dec 1967Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WARRENVernon Joseph04 Aug 197557Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WARVILLEKenny Robert14 May 197540Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WASHPANDarcy05 Apr 1971Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WEBBERDorothy Mildred16 Aug 197456Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WEILANDHarry05 Jul 197565Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WESLEYJohn10 Aug 197263Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WHITEMaurice Stewart11 Mar 197129Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WIESETheresa Bernice13 Sep 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WILLIAMSFrederick Albert08 Aug 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WILLIAMSJohn Owen15 Jul 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WILLISONMaureen13 Sep 197217Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WILSONJohn William01 Jun 197328Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WOLLSHLAGERFloyd Leonard06 Jan 1974Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WONGSam Yuen28 Jan 197272Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WOODJames Edward29 Mar 197664Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WOODSKenneth Elfred26 Jun 197443Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WOOLEYIvy(b) 30 Jan 1968Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WOOTTONGwendolyne11 Apr 197550Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WRAYWendy24 May 1975Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
WYBOUClarence Gary(b) 24 Dec 196933Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ZACCARELLIInga24 Nov 197454Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
ZINCHUKPhilip Edward AKA Willison21 Jan 197525Grey Mountain (Whitehorse)Reg 929.5 Grey
Grey Mountain Cemetery, located in Riverdale, Whitehorse, was opened in 1965 by the City of Whitehorse. This database consists of 399 interments from 1960 to 1976 and provides name, date of death, and age. Due to privacy concerns burials after 1976 are not included in the database.
Yukon News Obituary Index, 1966-2005 Source
No records in this dataset
This database lists 2121 names, obituary date, and age of individuals that died in the Yukon from 1966-2005.
Missing in the Klondike, 1898-1958 Source
No records in this dataset
The index consists of 1,730 names of people who were either travelling to or living in the Klondike who had relatives interested in contacting them. The relatives would either write a Dawson newspaper, a government department, or the North West Mounted Police requesting information regarding their family member. If no information was available notices would then be placed in the local newspapers asking the public if they had information on the location of the missing people.

Please consult with the Archives reference staff for further information (
Yukon Businesses Source
No records in this dataset
The Yukon business table includes small businesses, professionals, government departments, organizations and services that operated in the Yukon during the years 1898-1904, 1911/1912, 1915/1916, 1946, 1948-1952. The names were compiled from telephone books, town directories and early Klondike newspapers. The coverage only includes the central and southern Yukon.
Census 1891 & 1901: First Nations Communities Source
No records in this dataset
The 1891 census included the communities of Peel River Post, Rampart House and LaPierre House. The Library and Archives Canada microfilm reel T6426 is now available for searching on: (in order to narrow down search to the above communities you will need to change the "Province" window to "Northwest Territories").

The 1901 census reel T-6556 includes the communities ranging from Klondike Gold Fields to Teslin in southern Yukon. The census reel T6428 includes the northern British Columbia communities of Atlin, Cassiar, McDame, etc. The Library and Archives Canada microfilm reel T6428 is now available for searching on: (in order to narrow down search to the above communities you will need to change the "Province" window to "The Territories").
Whitehorse Star Weddings, Births & Deaths, 1964-1965 Source
No records in this dataset
The database includes the names, date of birth, death and/or marriage, community and the article title that appeared in the Whitehorse Star from 1964 to 1965.

Pan for Gold Database Search Results

Members of the Arctic Brotherhood Source
No records in this dataset
In the late 1890's, Skagway and Dyea, Alaska were hotbeds of violent crime. The Arctic Brotherhood was the Alaskan equivalent of the Yukon Order of Pioneers (whose motto was "do as you would be done by"). It was formed during the Gold Rush era to ensure stampeders' rights were protected. The 1899 Arctic Brotherhood Hall can still be visited in Skagway. With 20,000 pieces of driftwood tacked to the front of it, it's hard to miss. The Arctic Brotherhood Hall, established in 1899, remains a historic site in Skagway, Alaska today.
Victims of the killer avalanche on the Chilkoot in 1897-98 Source
No records in this dataset
These are the 73 victims of a killer avalanche on the Chilkoot Pass. In April, 1898, a thunderous, 30-foot wave of snow swept down the Chilkoot, bouncing boulders and burying dozens of stampeders alive. While some of the buried were rescued by frantic friends, 73 others were not so fortunate, their cries muffled and their bodies forever entombed by thousands of pounds of snow.
S.S. Canadian Islander Victims, August 15, 1901 Source
No records in this dataset
These are the passengers who were registered aboard the S.S. Canadian Islander, which sank August 15, 1901. It is something of a miracle that the Islander didn't sink earlier. In KLONDIKE, Pierre Berton describes its maiden voyage: "The horses were wedged side by side so tightly that there was no way for them to lie down. Many of these wretched creatures had their heads so close to the engines that they were in a state of continual panic, rearing, biting..."
Benjamin Craig: post office worker list of people dying or leaving Klondike Source
No records in this dataset
Benjamin F. Craig was a post office worker in Dawson City. He maintained a list of people leaving the Klondike by death or departure. Many of the almost 14,000 entries list forwarding addresses or destinations for those leaving the Klondike. The predominance of Nome, Alaska as one listed destination is consistent with other historical records documenting a mass exodus from Dawson to Nome in 1899. Like a giant nomadic tribe, thousands streamed toward Nome when rumours hit Dawson that there were flakes of gold in the sands of Nome's beaches.
Dawson Daily News Golden Clean up Edition, 1902 (miners & what they took out) Source
No records in this dataset
In 1902, the Dawson Daily News ran its "Golden Cleanup Edition." Records of all claims staked during the past several years on creeks such as Bonanza and Eldorado were printed for public perusal. You can look up Klondike heroes such as Antone Stander (also known as "The Lucky Swede") to view the gold claims that made him a wealthy man.
Dawson Council members Source
No records in this dataset
This is a partial list of Dawson City's Council members. With entries ranging from the mid-1800's to the 1980's, it is unclear who created or maintained these records. Names are followed by titles such as Territorial Secretary, Mayor and Legal Advisor. Some dates are listed.
Placermining Applications Vol 1 Source
No records in this dataset
After gold was discovered in 1896 on Bonanza Creek, thousands of claims were staked along tributaries of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers. The Yukon Gold Commissioner's Office issued "Placermining Grants," enabling prospectors to become miners and work their claims for "placer" findings (mineral deposits containing gold, left by glaciers or rivers ). This, the first of three Placermining Grants volumes, lists almost 20,000 numbered grants and the names of their owners.
Placermining Applications Vol 2 Source
No records in this dataset
After gold was discovered in 1896 on Bonanza Creek, thousands of claims were staked along tributaries of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers. The Yukon Gold Commissioner's Office issued "Placermining Grants," enabling prospectors to become miners and work their claims for "placer" findings (mineral deposits containing gold, left by glaciers or rivers ). This, the first of three Placermining Grants volumes, lists almost 20,000 numbered grants and the names of their owners.
Doctor's Names Source
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Yukon doctors and nurses wore many hats in the days of the Klondike gold rush. A doctor had to pass as internist, orthopedic surgeon, obstetrician, dentist, and even detective. Tackling emergencies with little equipment, a Yukon doctor usually worked in isolation. Most often, only one doctor inhabited a 400 mile radius. This database provides names of early medical professionals in the Yukon.
Firemen's Names Source
No records in this dataset
During the winter of 1898-'99, for example, two huge infernos laid waste to extensive and expensive commercial real estate on Dawson City's main streets. In the words of some writers, Dawson was "too cheap" to pay for fire fighting equipment, but the town did maintain a volunteer fire department. This database includes the names of men who joined the Dawson Volunteer Fire Department in 1899.
Dawson City mortuary records, 1898-1938 Source
ALTONAbraham; 40 years old; Russia; came here from San Francisco; Pneumonia; Good Samaritan Hospital; February 6, 1901; Dr. McDonald; Jewish Cemetery; Public Admin.
ANDERSONAbraham, 79 years; Ireland; Debility, St. Mary's Hospital; May 4, 1929, Dr.Thompson; United Church, YOOP Cemetery; YOOP an Yukon Gov't; labourer
ANDERSONHans, 64 years; Denmark; St. Mary's Hospital; April 3, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; article attached
ARCHIBALDJames, 65 years; Scotland; Cancer of stomach and liver, St. Mary's Hospital; August 2, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Masonic Cemetery; public, admin.; miner
ATKINSONClarence T., 65 years; Iowa, USA; Burn and suffocation, cabin in alley between Steele Ave and 2nd Ave; Undertakers Parlour, Masonic Cemetery; Dawson Masonic Lodge; labourer
BABEOERJohn, 79 years; Kingston, Ont.; St. Mary's Hospital; May 30, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
BAILEYEdward, 44 years; England; heart trouble, North Fork Ditch; Sept. 14, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; YCGC; machinist
BAIRDRobert, 75 years; County Down, Scotland; St. Mary's Hospital; July 16, 1937; chapel, public cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
BARRYR.W., 52 years; Ontario; accidently drowning, Nelson Island R.; Sept. 2, 1937, Coroner G. Binning; Undertakers Parlour, public cemetery; Mrs.M.Barry; barber
BETTSH.W., 51 years; Nova Scotia; Uremia, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug. 10, 1929, Dr.Rogers; St.Pauls Cathedral, Hillside Cemetery; Mr.Betts; housewife
BIGGSWalter H., 72 years; Sanjose, Cal.; St. Mary's Hospital; August 13, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; Mason Lodge Dawson; miner
BIRLEYLouis, 79 years; Ontario; hypertrophy prostrate, St. Mary's Hospital; June 1, 1927, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; YOOP; carpenter
BOICHMike, 46 years; Yugoslavia; electrocution, Intake North Fork River Ditch; Nov.9, 1930; St.Andrew's United Church, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; labourer; article attached
BONDAPLUMEPaul W., 4 years; Peel River; Dr.Nunn; Moosehide Cemetery; Indian Agent
BRASSEURAustin, 11 years; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.11, 1935, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Catholic Cemetery; Father and Pete Leng; Scholar; Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Brasseur
BREMNERRobert, 4 days; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; June 13, 1927, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; John Bremner (father)
BRINDAMOURMichael, 77 years; LaChaini; died at residence; Catholic Church, R.C. Cemetery; Pioneers and Yukon Gov't; miner
BROCKMANHenry, 64 years; Germany; pleurisy and diffusion, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.5, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour and Hillside Cemetery; IOOF; miner
BROWNJohn, 67 years; Antrim, Ireland; heart failure; Feb.6, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Friends; article attached
BROWNLEEClaude, 74 years; acute encephalitis, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.2, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
BUNDYMrs. Nellie, 54 years; acute alcoholic poisoning, cabin 3rd Ave; July 19, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; housekeeper
BUNYANJoseph, 60 years; Guelph, Ont.; St. Mary's Hospital; June 27, 1931, Dr.Nunn; R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; labourer
BURDICKEdward, 75 years; Phoenix, N.Y.; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.21, 1937; Catholic Church, Pioneer Cemetery; Gov't and Pioneers; barber
BUSSOLLIHenry, 60 years; Corsica; cancer, St. Mary's Hospital; March 21, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
BUTTENHAMJohn, 65 years; Canada; heart trouble, Residence 6th Ave; Nov.22, 1938, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; carpenter
CADYONDaniel, 63 years (Cadzow?); Canada; St. Mary's Hospital; June 25, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; trader
CAHIERAdolph, 73 years; Sorel, Quebec; cerebral hemmorrhage, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.4, 1927, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
CARRFrederick, 70 years; England; St. Mary's Hospital; July 20, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
CHARLIE12 mile (Indian); Dept. of Indian Affairs; buried at 12 mile Cemetery
CHEVRETTEEugene, 83 years; Quebec; heart failure, Residence Dawson; Oct.2, 1937, Dr.Duncan; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Eugene Chevrette; retired
CHURCHElla, 65 years; St.Louis, Missouri; paralysis, her residence, Front St; June 28, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; St.Pauls Church, Hillside Cemetery; M.Knudson
CLARKAdelia, 71 years; Arcadia, Wisconsin; St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 27, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Charles Dullvain; widow
COATESH. Daniel, 75 years; pneumonia, St. Mary's Hospital; April 21, 1932, Dr.Nunn; United Church, Masonic Cemetery; public, admin.; bonded carrier
CODYAndrew, 65 years; heart trouble, Central Hotel; June 15, 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; wood chopper
COLEMrs. H.D., 68 years; Stockholm, Sweded; St. Mary's Hospital; April 24, 1931, Dr.Nunn; St.Andrews Church, Hillside Cemetery; H.D. Cole
CRIMMONHary M., 67 years; Dakota, USA; St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.24, 1933, Dr.H.J.Nunn; St.Pauls Church, YOOP Cemetery; C.E. McLeod and public admin.; miner
CRONINB. John, 96 years; Ireland; St. Mary's Hospital; July 28, 1934, Dr. H.J. Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
CUNNINGHAMMrs. Betsy, 53 years; Scotland; heart failure, St. Mary's Hospital; July 3, 1937, Dr.Duncan; St.Pauls, public cemetery; family
CURTISCharles Mrs., 52 years; Scotland; burns, St. Mary's Hospital; July 11, 1931, Dr.Nunn; House and United Church, Masonic Cemetery; Charles Curtis; article attached
DAKKEThomas, 61 years; Norway; heart trouble, St. Mary's Hospital; July 1930, Dr.Rogers; White Pass Co.; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; watchman
DAVIDSONArthur, 67 years; St.Hewie, Quebec; augina leetones, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.18, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; public admin.; labourer
DAVISGeorge B., 73 years; Kingston, Ont.; asthenia, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.9, 1933, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; mariner
DAVISLilian, 38 years; St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.23, 1937, public cemetery; Winaut's chapel, public cemetery; Mike Beaton
DEMPSTERInfant, 4 days; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; May 8, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Masonic Cemetery; Captain J.W. Dempster (father)
DESHAIESZephries, 74 years; Quebec; Natural causes, Moosehide Creek; March 23, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; Woodchopper
DESROCHESJoseph, 72 years; Quebec; cancer, St. Mary's Hospital; August 23, 1937, Dr.Duncan; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Mr.Martin; retired
DIEBOLDJohn Jacob, 64 years; Marion, Ohio; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.5, 1930, Dr. E.E.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Pioneer Cemetery; public admin.; dredge man; article attached
DONAHUENicholas; Ireland; carcinoma of liver, St. Mary's Hospital; March 10, 1933, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; YOOP; miner
DORRANCEEd., 32 years; USA; airplane wreck, St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.16, 1936; Winaut Chapel, Police Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; aviator
DOYLEThomas, 63 years; Ontario; St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.16, 1937; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Eagles and Estate; hotel keeper
DRISCOLLHenry John, 53 years; Dunedin, England; pulmonary tuberculosis, South Dawson; Oct.3, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mrs. H.J. Driscoll; miner; article attached
DUBEF., 76 years; St.Lucite, Quebec; Myoerdial decomposition, St. Mary's Hospital; August 2, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
DUNLOPAmbrose, 69 years; Chatteau, Ontario; heart disease, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.5, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
DUQUETTEAnni, 6 months; Dawson; suffocation, Albert St.Dawson; Sept.27, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; Child of Lillian DeBastiere
DYSLEEdward F., 69 years; Mt.Eaton Ohio or Orville Ohio; cancer of throat, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan 26, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Edwards Parlour, Masonic Cemetery; Dawson Lodge of Masons; miner; article attached
EASAUSAMichael Lique, 75 years (Essansa); New Brunswick; unnatural causes, murdered, in cabin on 4th Ave; About May 1, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't
EDWARDSElvan, J., 68 years; No.1-A IOOF Hall; Jan.16, 1935, Dr.N. Stewart; St.Paul's Church, Hillside Cemetery; No. 1-A IOOF; undertaker
EGGLESONJohn, 88 years; Sweden; old age, St. Mary's Hospital; March 16, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; woodchopper
ENVOLDSENMary Teresa Keller, 65 years; Kentucky, USA; heart failure, York St.Dawson; July 13, 1927, Dr.LaChapelle; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Fred Envoldsen; Housewife
ESTARBROOKSDuncan, 61 years; N.B.; heart failure, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept.6,1929, Dr.E.E. Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
FARRJames, 56 years; Ontario; Tumor, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.9, 1933, Dr.Nunn; St.Pauls Church, YOOP Cemetery; public admin.; farmer; article attached
FENNINGSPeter, 65 years; Germany; diabetes, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept.14, 1926, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
FINLIASONAnselm H., 52 years; Victoria, B.C.; pneumonia, St. Mary's Hospital; April 16, 1931, Dr.H.Nunn; St.Paul's Church, Hillside Cemetery; A.O. Finlaison; customs officer; article attached
FINNIECharlie, 81 years; Peterhead, Scotland; St. Mary's Hospital; June 18, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
FITZPATRICKJohn E., 65 years; USA; Halfway House; March 18, 1927, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
FLEMMINGJohn A., 69 years; Scotland; St. Mary's Hospital; June 3, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; labourer
FOELSKEJulius; March, 1900; Ranier Lodge No 11 IOOF; Buried in Hillside Cemetery beside brother ; IOOF Lodge
FORMANJoseph, 64 years; England; natural causes, Bear Creek; Dec.16, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Masonic Cemetery; public admin.; miner
FOWLIEGavin, 70 years; Scotland; St. Mary's Hospital; May 22, 1931, Dr.Thompson; United Church, YOOP Cemetery; Roberts Sims; carpenter; article attached
FRANCISMrs. Harry, 49 years; St.John, New Brunswick; suicide by drowning, Klondike River; July 13, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Harry Francis; housewife
FRANCOEURJoseph;; Suicide by hanging; in J. Labby's home, alley bet. Queen and Princess St.; June 15, 1907; Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't
FRANSENPeter William, 68 years; Denmark; St. Mary's Hospital; Sept.13, 1956; Chapel, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
FRASERJames R., 51 years; Hausbury, Ont.; V.D. veneral anasarca, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.9, 1930; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mr.Ebberts ; miner
FREIBURGAlex, 80 years; Sweden; heart failure, cabin back of News office; Nov. 19, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; unable to work; article attached
FURDLAVVFrank, 67 years; Ovis, Portland; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.26, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, R.C.Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
GANDERSONWilliam, 65 years; St.Neat's England; St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.22, 1937; public cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner; resided Hunker Creek
GEOFFROYAlphonse, 66 years; Three Rivers, Quebec; paralysis, St. Mary's Hospital; May 30, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, R.C.Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
GORDONArchibald A., 70 years; St.Louis, W.S.; apoplisey, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.22, 1930, Dr.W.E. Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mrs. Dona Dubois; article attached
HAALANDSilius J., 61 years; Norway; Quartz Creek; Feb.1935, Dr.Neil Thompson; Edwards Chapel, Hillside Cemetery; brother; miner
HANNAJoseph, 69 years; Ireland; Rheumatism, St. Mary's Hospital; March 29, 1930, Dr.Rogers; St.Paul's Church, YOOP Cemetery; J.H. Wheeler; merchant; article attached
HARPERSarah Mrs.; Moosehide; heart trouble, Moosehide; Dec.5, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Moosehide Cemetery; Indian agent and husband; housewife
HARRELFrank, 66 years; USA; paralysis, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.4, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; painter
HARTNETTJohn Patrick, 28 years; drowning; Sept.7, 1936; chapel, Police Cemetery; Police Department; policeman
HEDGEFrank Marcus, 71 years; USA; cancer of throat, St. Mary's Hospital; March 27, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; barber
HOLLENBECKMrs. J.E., 57 years; Salt Lake, USA; Carumona of bowels, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.28, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; J.Hollenbeck (husband); article attached
HUFFHenry James, 55 years; England; heart failure, Principal Hotel; June 11, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; St.Pauls Church, Masonic Cemetery; public admin.; janitor
HULLFrank, 39 years; England; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.4, 1926, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
HUMEJeanette, 14 years; Deadeask Lake, YT; tuberculosis, St. Mary's Hospital; May 10, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't
HUNTJoshua D., 73 years; heart trouble, Steamer Whitehorse; Sept. 6, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; J. Asyleus; miner; article attached
INDIANAlfred, 60 years; Selkirk, YT; Skin disease, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept.11, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Moosehide Cemetery; Indian Affairs
IRVINESamuel, 78 years; Waichestic, Ont.; heart trouble, St. Mary's Hospital; April 30, 1932, YOOP Cemetery; miner; Husband of Mary Irvine; article attached
ISAACChief, about 70 years; Moosehide; influenza, St. Mary's Hospital; April 9, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Moosehide Cemetery; Indian agent and friends; Indian Chief
JACKSONEgbert, 74 years; New Brunswick; carcemenia of the bowels, St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.26, 1934, Dr.N.Stewart; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; mail contractor
JACOBLeopold, 58 years; St.Slanislas, Quebec; St. Mary's Hospital; Feb. 1, 1937; Catholic Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and friends; labourer
JEANOTTEH.R., 73 years; New Glasgow Terrebourne, Quebec; St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 21, 1933, Dr.H.J. Nunn; St. Mary's Church, YOOP Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; farmer
JONASBoy, 18 years; Moosehide; tuberculosis, Moosehide; Dec.12, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept.Indian Affairs; son of William Jonas
JONASInfant, 8 months; Moosehide; tuberculosis, Moosehide; Jan.22, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs
JONASChild; Moosehide; St. Mary's Hospital; June 11, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs
JONESBenjamin, 69 years; North Wales; St. Mary's Hospital; March 17, 1933, Dr.Nunn; St.Pauls Church, Hillside Cemetery; IOOF; teamster
JOYALElie, 64 years; Quebec; paralysis, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 19, 1929, Dr.H.E.E. Rogers; Edward's Chapel, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
KATEFred, 16 years; Whitehorse; tuberculosis, St. Mary's Hospital; April 9, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mr.Johnson, St. Pauls hostel and Yukon Gov't
KEARNEYMary Anne, 75 years; Glensfall, New York; cancer of stomach, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.4, 1931, Dr.W.E.Thompson; St. Mary's Hospital, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; housewife; article attached
KELTONJimmie; 11 months old; Duke St. and 6th Ave.; May 22, 1903; Dr. Catto; Hillside Cemetery; Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Kelton
KENNEDYGeorge, 83 years; Illinois, USA; general debility, old age, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.18, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
KENUETSAnnie; Moosehide; Moosehide; Feb.28, 1931; Moosehide Cemetery; Indian and agent and husband
KNAPPInfant; Dawson; stillborn, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.9, 1933, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Hillside Cemetery; Thorne Knapp (father)
KNAUSFrederick; Germany; suicide by gunshot wounds, A.Fournier Ranch; Aug 21, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; wood chopper
LABRIEUXMax, 75 years; Quebec; heart failure, Rystogis Cafe; July 22, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; woodchopper
LANDEWALLFred, 65 years; Dawson; March 18, 1937; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
LECHASSEURMichael, 30 years; Susseville, Rimouski, Quebec; nynonephritis, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept.6, 1932, Dr. Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; wood cutter
LEDUCMrs. Sophia, 73 years; Quebec; 7th Ave.; Oct.21, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Severn Beulieu; housekeeper
LEFEVBOEJ.B., 61 years; Quebec; heart disease, Clear Creek; Dec.2, 1931, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; rancher
LEMIEUXJoseph, 62 years; St.Henri, Quebec; cancer, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.22, 1937, Dr.Duncan; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; A.Fillion and Eagles; miner
LEOCharles A., 83 years; Boston, Mass.; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.6, 1937; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner; resided in Mayo
LEOThomas, 78 years; Aemprior, Ont.; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan. 9, 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Charles I. Tenant; prospector; article attached
LLOYDJ.L., 81 years; Cornwall, England; St. Mary's Hospital; April 12, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; miner
LORDLana, 10 years; Old Crow; Brain trouble, tuberculosis, St. Mary's Hospital; April 16, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mr.Johnson and St.Paul's Hostel
LOWERufus, 74 years; chronic myreditis, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb. 8, 1935, Dr.Neil Stewart; Hillside Cemetery; G. MacLeod; labourer
MACDONALDH.Daniel, 48 years (McDonald); crushed by caterpillar tractor, Bear Creek; March 4, 1933, Dr.Nunn; St.Paul's Church, Hillside Cemetery; IOOF; teamster
MACDONALDJohn, 67 years; killed by bear, Campbell's Slough; Sept.27, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; wood chopper
MACKJohn, 81 years; Scotland; 3rd Ave.; Aug. 7, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Friends; Tailor
MANTELLMrs. Ada, 50 years; N.S.; natural causes, Harper St.; May 2, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Friends; housewife
MANUELEdward, 60 years; Wales, England; diabetes, St. Mary's Hospital; May 18, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Pioneer Cemetery; miner
MARCUSSENJans Emile, 86 years; Norway; St. Mary's Hospital; July 28, 1924, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; Sea Jairey
MARSHALLWilliam, 71 years; Ireland; cardiac, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.18, 1937, Dr.Duncan; Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; retired
MARTINJohn G., 42 years; Scotland; suicide, Thomas Gulch; April 14, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; labourer; article attached
MARZINPAAMatt, 65 years; Finland; intestinal trouble, on trail between Arlington and Bear Creek; Dec.16, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
MASONIda; Moosehide; meningitis, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.31, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs; daughter of Charley Mason
MASONMiss Ida, 68 years; Virginia; paralytic stroke, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.7, 1937; chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't
MASONCharley, 1 year 7 months; Moosehide; Dec.13, 1930; Moosehide Cemetery; Indian Affairs; son of Charley Mason
MATHESONArchie J., 77 years; Dec.19, 1860, PEI; Dominion; Sept.10, 1937; chapel, Public Cemetery; John H. Matheson; miner
MAULPaul, 62 years; Germany; froze to death, Hunker Creek; Jan. 10, 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
MCADAMEbenezer, 67 years; heart trouble, York St.Dawson; May 22, 1927, Dr.LaChapelle; St.Andrews United Church, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; accountant
MCCOWNMrs.S.Jean, 62 years; Jan.13, 1935, Dr.W.Stewart; St.Paul's Church, Hillside Cemetery; F.Anderson
MCDONALDMaggie, 9 years; Old Crow; tuberculosis meningitis, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.10, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; G.H. Wheeles
MCDOWELLCharles William, 2 1/2 years; Dawson; accidental, Fournier Ranch; Sept. 12, 1928, Coroner P.R. Forde; United Church, St.Andrews, Hillside Cemetery; son of Charles McDowell
MCEACHERNJames, 72 years (McCachern); New Glascow, N.S.; heart, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.29, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; labourer
MCGILLP.R., 63 years; Ireland; heart trouble, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 27, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Eagles; Inn Keeper
MCINTYREWilliam, 72 years; Peterborough, Ontario; exposure, Old Steamboat channel; March 18, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlor, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; trapper
MCKENZIEWilliam D., 61 years; Nova Scotia; St. Mary's Hospital; March 9, 1937; Winaut's Chapel, Pioneer Hill Cemetery; Gov't and Pioneers; labourer
MCKINNONDonald, 73 years; Scotland; St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.8, 1927, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
MCLEANJohn William, 77 years; Barry, Quebec; general debility, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.8, 1927, Dr.Thompson; United Church, YOOP Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; merchant
MCLEANMrs. L.A., 72 years 1 month 20 days; USA; chapel, Public Cemetery; Mr.L.A. McLean
MCLENNONMalcolm, 65 years; Canada; found dead, Green Gulch; Aug.1, 1929, Dr.E.E.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; public admin.; miner
MCMILLANA.A., 50 years; PEI; heart failure, Westminster Hotel; June 3, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Masonic Cemetery; public admin.; roadhouse or inn keeper
MCQUAIGDonald, 79 years; Glengary, Ontario; Uremia, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept.14, 1927, Dr.LaChapelle; St.Andrew's United Church, Pioneer Cemetery; public admin.; miner
MCRELVIEAlex, 69 years; Lester, Ont.; paralysis, St. Mary's Hospital; July 1, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; labourer Sister Flora McRelvie in Calf.; article attached
MELLISHMrs. John, 66 years; Scotland; St. Mary's Hospital; Aug. 15, 1931; United Church, Hillside Cemetery; John Mellish; article attached
MELVILLEWilliam, 79 years; Leaforth, Ontario; exposure, Moosehide Creek; Sept. 1927, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
MERRILLFred, 60 years; Illinois; St. Mary's Hospital; March 3, 1937; chapel, Public Cemetery; sisters; miner
MILLERC.E., 74 years; USA; heart trouble, Administration Building; May 17, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
MOORECharles, 72 years; USA; decompemsation, St. Mary's Hospital; May 14, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlor, YOOP Cemetery; public admin.; miner; article attached
MORGANMargaret, 68 years; Calf. USA; tumor of brain, St. Mary's Hospital; March 9, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't, YOOP Women; housekeeper
MORKELANDJ.E., 65 years; Norway; carcimona of stomach, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.8, 1933, Dr.H.J.Nunn; YOOP Cemetery; public admin.; farmer
MULDOONThomas, 63 years; heart failure, Occidental Hotel; May 22, 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; St.Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Friends
MULLINJames, 61 years; USA; heart trouble, Hunker Creek; Oct.17, 1927, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
NADAUFred, 77 years; Quebec; senility, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.18, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; labourer
NADEAUMajorie, 66 years; St.Jean Chrysoslovie, Quebec; St. Mary's Hospital; May 29, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
NELSONNels, 80 years; Sweden; St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.8, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; farmer
NICHOLSONJames, 73 years; heart failure, behind Lepcaus barn; Jan 18, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; labourer
NORKINGCharles, 73 years; Sweden; nephrilir, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.29, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner; article attached
NORMANHenry, 69 years; Switzerland; St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.17, 1937, Dr.Duncan; Undertakers Parlour, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; wood chopper
NUNNDr.Herbert John, 37 years; Essex, England; inflammation of gall bladder, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.30, 1936, Dr.Humes and Dr.Soper; St.Paul's Church, Masonic Cemetery; estate; doctor
OBERGFELLJoseph, 72 years; Germany; burned to death, Nugget Gulch; Oct.15, 1929; Undertakers Parlour, R.C.Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Louis Nadeau; barber
OKADAYuda, 61 years; Japan; accidental, St. Mary's Hospital; July 31, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; machinist
OLSONJohn, 53 years; Sweden; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec. 14, 1936, Dr.Duncan; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; Percy Dewolf; trapper, resided at 40 mile
OSBORNOwen, 71 years; England; Arterio sclerosis, St. Mary's Hospital; Setp. 16, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
OSGOODRaymond Oliver, 64 years; Mansfield, PA; heart trouble, Administration Building; Nov.26, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
OWENSPatrick, 68 years; Ireland; heart trouble, dropsey, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.8, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
PASQUANChristopher, 79 years; Austria; St. Mary's Hospital; March 6, 1937; Catholic Church, Pioneer Hill Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Pioneers
PASTORFrank, 61 years; Hungary; heart failure, Eureka Creek, YT; Dec.18, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; miner
PATTONRobert, 66 years; Ireland; cerebral hemmorhage, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.1, 1926, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
PAULINRomeo, 59 years (Poulin); St.Joseph, Brice, PQ; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.9, 1937; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; brother and estate; wood cutter
PEEKEHarry, 83 years; England; senility, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.20, 1927, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; miner
PETERSONJohn, 65 years; gassed in mine, Eldorado Creek; Sept.10, 1929, Dr.E.E.Rogers; Undetakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
PICKERINGHollace, 70 years; Summerside, PEI; heart failure, Fourniers Ranch; Spet.23, 1936, Dr.Duncan; chapel, Public Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
PINARDJoseph, 77 years; Nicholet, Quebec; Headache, St.Mary's Hospital; Feb.8, 1931, Dr. W.E. Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside cemetery; Yukon Gov't; lumberman; article attached
RANSLEYAlfred, 63 years; Sussex, England; cancer in throat, St. Mary's Hospital; Aug 16, 1932, Dr.Nunn; St.Pauls Cathedral, Hillside Cemetery; IOOF; waiter
REARDONDave William, 73 years; Kentucky; St. Mary's Hospital; May 23, 1933, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; bridge builder
REITZMA60 years; suicide by rifle, Con Carter's Ranch; Oct.22, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Edwards, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; gardener
REYNOLDSGeaorge C., 70 years; Ontario; Debility, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.15, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; rancher
RHUEChester, 68 years (Rue); Norway; Froze to death, Cabin on 2nd Ave; Dec.23, 1933, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
RICEFrederick, 76 years; Yukon Hotel; Aug.2, 1937; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
RICHARDSConst. Wm. F.; 41 years old; Suicide by shooting; Caribou, Dominion Creek; February 13, 1906; Coroner Douglas; Police Cemetery; RNWMP
RICHARDSONJohn, 62 years; New South Wales, Australia; St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.13, 1931, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mme Beveride; miner; article attached
RINTERChas.M., 70 years; wood camp near river; Oct.12, 1936, Dr.Duncan; Winaut's Chapel, Pioneer Hill Cemetery; YOOP and Yukon Gov't; wood dealer
RIVERSCharlotte, 8 days; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan 18, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Charles Rivers (father)
ROACHPatrick, 73 years; Ireland; debility, St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.24, 1928, Dr.W.E. Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C.Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; farmer
ROBERTSInfant, 1 year; Moosehide; Moosehide; Feb. 20, 1930; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs; Daughter of Dave Roberts
ROBERTSONDuncan C., 61 years; Scotland; arterio sclerosis, St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.30, 1926, Dr.Thompson; St.Andrews United Church, YOOP Cemetery; IOOF; Lodge Secretary
ROCCOAugust, 71 years; rupture of anerurism, Occidental Hostel; Oct.8, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; fisherman
RODTELRossini, 84 years; Switzerland; Dropsy, St. Mary's Hospital; Undertakers Parlour, Pioneer Cemetery; public admin.; housewife
ROSENFELDTJ., 71 years; heart failure, Granville; Jan.15, 1931, Dr.Crooner; Undertakers Parlour, Jewish Cemetery; public admin.; clerk; article attached
ROUPEWilliam, 71 years; Santa Rosa, Calf.; Hemipligia, St. Mary's Hospital; July 30, 1937; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
ROUSSEAUMrs.Amedie, 54 years; Murray Roy, Quebec; cardiac asthma, St. Mary's Hospital; May 27, 1931, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Chapel, R.C.Cemetery; Amedie Rousseau; housewife
ROYJoseph, 45 years; Quebec; cardial failure, Maisey May Ranch; April 3, 1931, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; farmer
RUVANEMichael, 71 years; Mayo County, Ireland; St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 23, 1932, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; labourer
RYANInfant; Dawson; stillborn, St. Mary's Hospital; May 29, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; D.Ryan (father)
RYSTOGIAdam, 65 years; Poland; heart failure; Oct.30, 1936; Catholic Church, R.C. Cemetery; Baker
SAUNDERSDaniel, 51 years; Victoria, B.C.; slow paralysis, Rochester Hotel; April 21, 1928, Dr.Thompson; St.Paul's Church, Hillside Cemetery; Mrs. D. Saunders (wife); hotel keeper
SAVARDLouis, 81 years; Les Eccoumone, Quebec; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.11, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; St. Mary's Hospital; road house keeper; article attached
SEABORNEDonald, 36 years; England; St. Mary's Hospital; May 17, 1937; St.Paul's Church, Public Cemetery; mechanic; resided Bear Creek
SENEILouise, 59 years; Hungary; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.2, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
SHALZEMrs. A.P., 75 years 3 months; Bay City, Michigan; St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.16, 1937, Dr.Duncan; St. Mary's Church, Public Cemetery; Mr. A.P. Shalze
SHARPGeorge Henry, 71 years; England; heart trouble, St. Mary's Hospital; April 17, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; Broker
SILASTanana; Moosehide; Moosehide, Nov. 18, 1930; Moosehide Cemetery; Supt. of Indian Affairs
SIMONElleve Margaret, 16 years; Moosehide; tuberculosis, Moosehide; Feb.6, 1930, Dr.Rogers; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs; Daughter of Long Simon
SKELTONAbbie H., 60 years; Quebec; cardio vascular disease, St. Mary's Hospital; March 12, 1931, Dr.Nunn; United Church, Hillside Cemetery; H.H. Skelton; housewife; article attached
SMITHSam, child; St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.10, 1934, Dr.Stewart; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs
SMITHRalph, 72 years; Ontario; exposure, frozen, Bonanza Trail; Dec.24, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlor, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
SMITHSophia, 70 years; Moosehide; old age; July 20, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs; widow
SMITHThomas, 86 years; Ontario; broken ribs, etc., St. Mary's Hospital; July 18, 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
SPARKSGeorge, 24 years; Newfoundland; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.10, 1937, Dr.Duncan; chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
ST.LAURENTPete, 70 years; Rimouski, Quebec; Hemiphligia, St. Mary's Hospital; April 11, 1931, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Order of Eagles; miner
STAVARDJack, 45 years; Nova Scotia; heart trouble; Jan.15, 1931, Dr.H.E.Thompson; United Church, F.O.E. Cemetery; Fraternal Order of Eagles; janitor; article attached
STEVENSChild, 9 years; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mr.Johnson and St.Paul's Hostel; son of George Stevens
STEVENSWilliam, 64 years; Kentucky; heart failure, St. Mary's Hospital; July 1, 1937, Dr.A.C. Duncan; Winaut's Chapel, Public Cemetery; Gov't; wood chopper
STILTYCecil Raymond, 56 years (Stiltz); German/American; heart trouble, Hunker Creek; about July 25, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
STROMEdward, 62 years; Sweden; heart trouble, Harper St.; Feb.20, 1931, Dr.W.E.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Eagle Cemetery; Fraternal Order of Eagles; bartender
SUPERCZNISKIJacob, 59 years; Poland; cancer, St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.14, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; miner
SUTHERLANDHoward I., 62 years; Nova Scotia; St. Mary's Hospital; Oct.19, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; plumber
SWISSTONMatilda, 68 years; Ontario; St. Mary's Hospital; Aug.22, 1931, C.H.Jenkins; St.Paul's Church, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; spinster; Maiden name Miss M.Day; article attached
TALBOTWilliam, 70 years; St.Gervais, Quebec; burns of legs, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.20, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; cook
TAYLORAmelia, 14 years; Moosehide; 1932, Dr.Nunn; Moosehide Cemetery; Indian Agent
TAYLORFred, 61 years; England; heart disease, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 30, 1927, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
TAYLORInfant; Dawson; stillborn, St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.4, 1934, Dr.Stewart; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs; child of Dave Taylor
UNKNOWNMan; Drowned; found Yukon River near Indian River; Found on September 3, 1903; Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't
VANDYAlexander, 70 years; Sweden; hemorrhage of brain, St. Mary's Hospital; March 13, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; YOOP; miner
VETTERICKOtto, 69 years; Germany; cadial myo, Harper St.; Aug.20, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; public admin. and YOOP; cook; article attached
VILNEUVESevere, 77 years; Three Rivers, Quebec; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
VYAMATAUFrank, 52 years; Japan; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.14, 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; article attached
WADDELLThomas, 67 years; England; St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.7, 1937; chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Friends; prospector
WALKERAles, 54 years; Willington, Ont.; St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.27, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; miner; article attached
WALKERWilliam, 51 years; Quebec; general debility, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 4, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; YOOP and Yukon Gov't; miner
WALLERThomas, 70 years; Belleville, Ont.; suicide from gunshot, in woods near YG ditch; Sept. 19, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
WATERSWilliam, 82 years; heart failure, Klondyke YT; March 7, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; trapper
WHITEHOUSESamuel John, 69 years; England; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.15, 1934, Dr. Neil Stewart; Pioneer Cemetery; labourer
WILLIAMSTeddy Owen, 77 years; North Wales; myo cardiac, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept.4, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertaker's Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; gambler
WILSONThomas, 65 years; Ireland; heart failure, near Arlington Hotel; June 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; farmer
WRIGHTAlfred; 36 years old; Suicide by shooting; Prospector Saloon; October 11, 1906; Coroner Tucker; Police Cemetery; RNWMP and Yukon Gov't
WYNESBaby, 8 days; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; R.Wynes (father)
YHOONJohn, 64 years; England; suicide, 16 mile camp Stewart River; Nov.1, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
YOTTGeorge Edward, 78 years; Wolfe Island, Ont.; cerebral hemorrhage, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.20, 1935, Dr.Neil Stewart; St. Mary's Church, Pioneer Cemetery; miner on Quartz Creek
ZEROFFBenjamin; 45 years old; Winnipeg; Pneumonia; Good Samaritan Hospital; April 8, 1902; Dr. Norquay; Greene's; Bloom; Jewish Cemetery
ZUCCODesirio, 67 years; Italy; heart trouble, 10 Mile Creek, YT; Oct.3, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Public Admin.; miner
These records contain names, date and cause of death, attending doctor, funeral arrangements, and other information about individuals who died in the Klondike region between 1898 and 1938. The information was taken from the mortuary records of J.A. Greene, Frank Lowe, Edwards and Winaut, and Alex Wark.
Women of the Golden North Fraternal Organization Source
No records in this dataset
A sisterhood of women who took part in the Klondike Gold Rush evolved into the Golden North Fraternity. The movement for women's equality in the had emerged during the 1890's, and women began to insist that anything a man could do a woman could do better. This database includes the names and titles of female officers of the Golden North Fraternity.
Dawson residents, 1896-1920 Source
No records in this dataset
The table provides a list of residents who lived in Dawson and surrounding area from 1896 to 1920. This database was compiled by Charlene Porsild, a PhD candidate, for her thesis “Culture, Class and Community: New Perspectives on the Klondike Gold Rush, 1896-1905” that was published in the early 1990s. The thesis’ bibliography provides information on the sources indicated in the last 3 columns of the table. Please consult with the Yukon Archives ( or the Dawson City Museum ( for further information.
Northwest Mounted Police Employees Source
No records in this dataset
During the Klondike Gold Rush, laws were scant. In 1894, a thickset, gruff and incorruptible Charles Constantine of the North West Mounted Police arrived to restore order. A year later, a detachment of 20 NWMP officers followed. The Klondike Gold Rush would have been a nightmare of crime and vigilante justice without them. This database features the names of those early officers.
Polks Gazetteer 1903 directory Source
Polks Gazetteer was a social directory of sorts. Several thousand names of individuals living in the Dawson City area are listed in this 1903 database.
Polk's Alaska-Yukon Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1917/1918 Source
Last NameFirst NameOccupationAddressPageYear
YOOP / Yukon Order of PioneersCemeteryEast side Eighth avenue between Princess and Queen7351917/1918
The index consists of 3,020 entries of names, businesses and organizations, arranged alphabetically by surname, business/organization name that appeared in the Dawson City section of the Gazetteer. The index is based on a microfilmed copy of the 1917-1918 Gazetteer and due to poor quality of some of the microfilm sections the entries were either partially or completely illegible. Names that couldn’t be read were denoted with a question mark (?), and those that were partially legible were finished with ellipses (…). If there appeared to be a discrepancy between spellings, both were included in the index separated by a backslash (/).
People associated with churches Source
No records in this dataset
Clergymen lived and worked among the Klondike stampeders during the late 1800s. Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian congregations developed within the Yukon from 1861 to 1898. This database contains the names of Yukon clergymen and their dates of service.
Sourdough Stampede Association members Source
No records in this dataset
"Sourdough" was fermented flour and water that Klondike stampeders carried with them ready to cook. Eventually, "sourdough" became the term used to describe the miners themselves: "One who had been in the country long enough to see the ice form in the fall and break up in the spring." Little is known about the Sourdough Stampede Association, but in this database you'll find the names of some of its members.
Pupils at St. Mary's school Source
No records in this dataset
As Dawson City's population exploded, more and more children played on its ragged streets. Parents attempted to safeguard their youngsters from Klondike debauchery by developing a strict education system. Based on the British Columbia model, this system provided free education up to university. This database includes St. Mary's student records dating back to 1899.
Victims of the marine disaster with S.S. Princess Sophia 1918 Source
No records in this dataset
On October 19, 1918, the crew and passengers of the S.S. Princess Sophia perished in the icy waters of the Lynn Canal, 65 miles south of Skagway. Rescue ships stood by helplessly, battling mountainous waves and freezing temperatures as 379 men, women and children were lost at sea. This database lists the names of those who drowned.
Steamboats plying Yukon River Source
No records in this dataset
More than 250 steamboats plied the Yukon River from the late 1890s to the early 1950s. Many were shipwrecked along the mighty river, smashed to bits by rapids, rocks, trees and sandbars. This database lists the names and fates of Yukon River steamships.
NWMP records at Chilkoot: checkpoints listing people who entered the Yukon Source
No records in this dataset
The North West Mounted Police were dispatched by the Canadian federal government to maintain law and order in the midst of Klondike chaos. The mounties set up a post along the Canadian-American border at the summit of the Chilkoot Pass. Here, they confiscated guns and maintained written records of every individual who arrived at the summit. This database contains some of those records (December 1898 to May, 1899).
NWMP records at Chilkoot: checkpoints listing people who entered the Yukon Source
No records in this dataset
This North West Mounted Police database appears to have been created by an amalgamation of archival records from both the Chilkoot Pass and Lake Bennett. At Lake Bennett, the mounties kept records of all boats built by stampeders to carry them along the Yukon River to Dawson City.
NWMP records at Chilkoot: checkpoints listing people who entered the Yukon Source
No records in this dataset
The North West Mounted Police were dispatched by the Canadian federal government to maintain law and order in the midst of Klondike chaos. The mounties set up a post along the Canadian-American border at the summit of the Chilkoot Pass. Here, they confiscated guns and maintained written records of every individual who arrived at the summit. This database contains some of those records (December 1898 to May, 1899).
NWMP records at Lake Bennett & Tagish: riverboat passenger lists Source
No records in this dataset
These records list the names and boat numbers of stampeders embarking on the Yukon River trip from Lake Bennett to Dawson City. Led by legendary mountie Sam Steele, the North West Mounted Police contingent at Lake Bennett worked painstakingly to keep track of the flotilla of 7,000 boats, skows, barges and rafts.
NWMP records at Lake Bennett & Tagish: riverboat passenger lists Source
No records in this dataset
The second of three volumes of Lake Bennett records maintained by the North West Mounted Police.

These records list the names and boat numbers of stampeders embarking on the Yukon River trip from Lake Bennett to Dawson City. Led by legendary mountie Sam Steele, the North West Mounted Police contingent at Lake Bennett worked painstakingly to keep track of the flotilla of 7,000 boats, skows, barges and rafts.
NWMP records: Yukon River steamships passenger lists Source
No records in this dataset
Just as they kept track of Chilkoot crossings and boats built at Lake Bennett, the North West Mounted Police maintained records of individuals arriving at and leaving Dawson City on Yukon River steamships. These dockside archives list ships such as the S.S. Nora, S.S. Gleaver, S.S. Bailey and S.S Australian as INWARDS or OUTWARDS (bound).
Yukon Order of Pioneers Source
No records in this dataset
Crime ran like a river through the north during the early years of gold prospecting. On Dec. 1, 1894, the Yukon Order of Pioneers was created to maintain ethical standards. Living by the motto "do unto others as you would be done by," YOOP's pledged to protect other members and share news of a gold discoveries. This database features membership records from the early years of the Order.